New Parade? Hey,Rowdy?


I hear that MK is getting rid of the big snowclobes and is starting a new parade on Aug. 10th. Sweet! What can you tell us about it Rowdy?


wow, good question because guess what… I will be there in 10 days!!! What’cha know Rowdy??


I’m no Rowdy, but I did find this…

Walt Disney World is planning a few changes in its daily parade at Magic Kingdom, including a new (but not very different) name, some new (borrowed) music and the elimination of the snow globes that were signature features on all the floats of the old “Share a Dream Come True” parade.

Some of the changes are being phased in. The full new look and sound – under the name “Disney Dreams Come True” parade – will be rolling through Frontierland, Liberty Square and Main Street U.S.A. by August 10, give or take a couple of days, said Disney spokesman Rick Sylvain.

He said the floats will get new embellishments to replace the snow globes. And a few characters will be added or changed.

Perhaps the biggest change will be the music. The parade will take on and adapt the music used for Tokyo Disneyland’s daily parade, with the lyrics revised to English.

Looks like the snow globes are going bye-bye.


Yes the snowglobes are gone! The floats are modified, repainted, and look just gorgeous. Brand new music, characters, and dance routines. DCT was great, but DDCT (Disney Dreams Come True) is finally back up to the standard MK’s day parade should be. I’m so excited, but alas, I’m helping Goofy in MJJ opening day and won’t be there to see it open. Have to wait till the next day. No matter, I’m pumped for what ya’ll are gonna see!


We never seemed to be at MK in the mid-afternoon, so never did get to see the “snow globe” parade. Can’t wait to hear what you all have to say about the new parade. And take pictures!!!


i can’t wait for the new Parade in disney world Magic Kingdom.:mickey:


Shouldn’t be a problem. They’re already using the floats for the DCT parade right now. Just not the music, dance and characters until the 10th.


Rowdy I can’t wait for this.:mickey:


Yay, so I do get to see a new parade… HOW COOL! Did I miss the name of this new parade?


Disney Dreams Come True


Way cool! We’re going to see the new parade in September!