New parade music


& fireworks show. mp3’s pls


Are you looking for parade music?


that’s what i said!


What parade music?

I have Spectro Magic, Share A Dream Come True, and DL’s Parade of Dreams. Disney has a CD out called Magic in the Streets that has a lot of parade and park music.


all of those pls. i have spectromagic. i think.


Well, I got those on You use that site?


yes i do thanks. have a great wknd


For Parades at DLR Ive got:

  1. Party Gras
  2. Light Magic
  3. Disneyland’s Parade of the Stars
  4. A Christmas Fantasy Parade
  5. Disneyland Park’s “At The Happiest Place on Earth” Grand Marshall Parade music
  6. Walt Disney’s Parade of Dreams (Along with separate parade unit files)
  7. Celebrate! A Street Party
  8. Block Party Bash
  9. Pixar Play Parade
  10. Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade (Along with separate Parade unit files - Now
    known as "Disney’s Electrical Parade)
  11. Disney’s California Adventures “Eureka!” Parade

For Shows/Fireworks at DLR Ive got:

  1. Imagine…A Fantasy in the Sky (Along with the Exit Music)
  2. Believe…There’s Magic in the Stars
  3. Remember…Dreams Come True (The 50th version and the after-50th version, along
    with both Exit songs)
  4. Fantasmic (With Opening Introduction and without, along with the Exit music)
  5. “Magical!”
  6. Disney’s LuminAria (And the Exit music)
  7. Sleeping Beauty Castle Wintertime Enchantment (both Acts 1 & 2 - the lighting
    ceremony that started in 2007 that takes place 2 times before the Holiday fireworks)
  8. Believe…In Holiday Magic

I also have some shows from WDW:
Spectro Magic, Illuminations (And Ending Song), Holiday Wishes, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Parade, Wishes, Tapestry of Dreams, Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade, Shake It! Move It! Celebrate It! Street Party


mp3’s pls. i’d luv em in that format 4 my ipod touch thanks! :slight_smile:


I REALLY need the CELEBRATE A DREAM COME TRUE PARADE mp3. Does anyone owns it ??? because I can’t find it anywhere!!! :(((


I have it, let me know how I can get it to you and I will get it sent over your way!


do you mind sending it to my email as wel?? :slight_smile: :blush:


[QUOTE=bieberlove;1076478]do you mind sending it to my email as wel?? :slight_smile: :blush:[/QUOTE]

I can not send any music files through email. The files are all too big, I have tried several times with other people. Only smaller music files can be sent, larger files (IE - Parades/Fireworks, Loops and Attraction ride-through’s) are all too large for email. I usually send files via IM.