New Paradise Pier Sign is up!


The brand new “Paradise Pier” logo sign has been placed above the old Mickey Head logo on California Screamin’. Its is one of the many continuous elements being added to DCA as the re-make of the park. It looks great, not as large as I thought it would be but looks fab! All they need to do now is paint the new sunburst on the round section of the left Mickey Head logo, I dont have time to add a picture to the post, so go over to - and check out their article there or go over to Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel - Anaheim/Disneyland Park and check out the live DLR webcam and see it in real webcam life. Enjoy!


Cool! I can’t wait until everything is re-done!


Omg that looks beautiful, I love what they’ve done with it! (I agree with you though Tim - I kind of expected it to be bigger. :huh:)

I can’t wait to see all of these changes in person!