New Park Hopping Record!


Pete and I did all four parks in one day yesterday :wacko: :eek: It was fun, but it sure was tiring! Anyone else ever done this? (I’d post the mini TR, but I don’t want to hog the TR threads every week!)


oh go ahead, you know we’re crazy about word from the world…

Hey EJ, you should hire on with someone and write reports about WDW if you are going so much. do a little freelance work?


Yes my dw and myself did it, we went on at least one major ride in each park, when we left MGM to go to EPCOT we were the only people on the tram and had a lot of fun kidding with the driver and escort. when we got to EPCOT our passes did not work, as they said we were in MGM, thank god we got our hand stamp when we left MGM. we did this on our last day,then went to the pool for a few hours until our flight back to reality.


OMG you have to be exhausted!!! I’ve done 2 parks in one day, but have never attempted all four. Hats off to you!!


I can’t even imagine going to all 4 parks in one day. I would be exhausted…thin from all of that walking, but exhausted!!


We have done 3… DS, MK & EC. Just missed AK that day. Did you feet hurt or what? Mine did!!!


Alright, Empress, we need that mini-trip report. I don’t care who things your hogging what!


We want to see a trip report. I don’t you are hogging it.


Ok I’ll go post it in the TR section:mickey:


Holy Moly, that is definately a feet in itself.


Speaking of feet, mine are HOWLING today:laugh:


I have spent a whole day at MK from 8am-11pm, but wow you certaintly ARE a trooper! It must have been fun on all the monorails! :biggrin:


What a feat!. Whats next?

Do all 4 parks again and do Disney Quest?.. or add in the water parks as well?

That would be some feat!!! :biggrin:


Let me first say that I am green with envy because you get to whenever you want to. Ok that aside…lol, I have never made it past two parks. One in the morning and another in the evening is my limit…you are an official commando girl! 4 parks! WOW !!! I want to read the report. You go and hog it all you want. I like mini reports and don’t care how many of them are yours. A report is a report. It’s as close as I can get to WDW until October, so you go girl! :heart:


I’ve done it before. Ir was fun,but exhausting.


Jenny!! You have accomplished my goal in life! :laugh: That’s awesome! I managed to park hop to 3 on my last trip, but by the time we got to the 3rd we were exhausted. Congrats to you for doing the impossible! You’re my hero!! :slight_smile:


That is so cool! I haven’t tried 4 parks in one day before, that sounds like so much fun.


i have a game plan for you jenny—next time…aim for all four parks…the two water parks…disney quest…and then cirque de soliel…ill bet youll be the first person EVER to do that!


Oi! I’d have to be a resort guest with EMH at one park in the morning, and extended EMH 'til 3AM at another! I’d have to be hospitalized at the end, but what a way to go:mickey: