New Pirate/Princess Party Info!


Not sure if this was posted or not. Could’ve sworn it was somewhere earlier. But anyhoo, since I know not everyone knows…

This news was just told to me recently. And it’s beyond rumor now. Being that the event is quite popular, a new way to expand the party has come about. Starting next year, EVERY Saturday night except for the Holiday Seasons will be a Pirate/Princess event! That’s right. Once a week there will be a party, giving everyone a chance to come at one point of the year.

So don’t get to come this month? See you scalliwags next year!


so, MK will always close at 7 on saturdays (except holiday season)? wow! well, that makes my planning easier - we wanted to do mnsshp, and pirate and princess. had to choose, so we went with mnsshp and F & W fest. now we could do P & P and F & W! cool beans!

thanks for the inside information!!


super groovy, thanks for the heads up :pirate:


Wow, that is so cool! I’m too excited! A great idea I think, but we’ll see what all the nay-sayers have to say about it!


WOW… Smiggers and I want to do P&P… hopefully DH won’t mind… now if we go in 2008 we gotta find out when MNSSHP is…


WOW… that is good news to me!!




Is this a ticketed event??


Any idea when next year? We are going in March and it would ROCK to be able to do this. DD would flip to be surprised by WDW and then on top of that the PPP!


Not sure when official start date is. Just that next year it’ll happen.


That is great news!

Thanks for the info. Rowdy!


Fantastic News! Thanks for the update . . . I wanted my Dad to see it . . . big Pirates fan . . . so next year we can . . . yeah! :pirate: :pirate: :pirate:


Aye it 'tis. Welcome to MB!:happy:


Great news we missed out this year.


Can’t understand why they would pick Saturday night when the park is probably pretty full anyway. I would think they would pick an obscure night like Wednesday?:blink:



I agree with Skwak. Saturday is an odd night to lock out every week other than during Christmas and Halloween. I’d think Thursday.


During Value season doesn’t the park close early anyway like 8pm or 9pm?


OKAY—someone tell me when this begins…cus I am ye olde big ole pirate queen… Argggh… I am already booked for MNSSHP and I shall be a pyrate as planned…but if I can add another date to be a scallywag…I shall!!! How do we find out???:pirate:


Very good news! We will have to take a long weekend trip!


If the party is going to be every week,I don’t think it’s going to be all that special anymore.