New Pirates movie


See below

New ‘Pirates’ film slated for 2011 (AP) - Yahoo! Movies

Can’t wait.


I’m counting the days, and are very jealous of the 5,000 people who got to see my Johnny!


Great. It seems to be a long way off


OMG Im hyperventalating!!! Im so so so excited it’s finally been confirmed!!! Yahoooooooooooo!!!

Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for meeeeee!


I’ve seen concept snippets. Some of the original cast of the PotC movies along with the gang from the muppets sail a new adventure as the battle a cursed crew that has commandeered the black curl. Kermit will play the role of Will Turner, with Miss Piggy play the role of Elizabeth. My favorite part was the crew of undead chickens idea and Sam Eagle as Barbados.

Anyway it really looks good!


Thanks for the link