New Pirates Site is up


New Pirates Site is up. :smile:

Watch your volume :pinch:

Has Movie Trailer, Game and Ride info. :smile:


I am lovin’ it! Thanks R2G!!!


Very cool…As always! Thank you R2G:)


Ready2Go, as I said in the “all things pirates” thread; THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! That link ROCKS!!!


Thanx, i so can not wait for this movie


Win VMK prizes?

Can anyone tell me what that means?

Thanks for the thread too!


Yet AGAIN, this STUPID govt computer won’t allow me to view the page… :pirate:


I love it!! and I cannot wait to see the movie and ride the new ride!!!


THANKS R2G! :cool:


Just bumping this to still see if anyone knows what VMK prizes are.


Thanks again R2G! As usual, you continue to rock! :wink: :cool:


VMK (Virtual Magic Kingdom) is a game you can play. When you win prizes, they are VIRTUAL prizes (new outfit, furniture to furnish your rooms, etc) I don’t play, so sorry I can’t tell you more.


Ahemmmm, you’re supposed to work on that STUPID govt computer darrrrlinkkk.

I wish the game was up and running already. I wanted to play the game. :pirate: :pirate: :pirate: :pirate: :pirate: :pirate: :pirate: :pirate:

Thanks R2G :wub:


Thanks for the link!


Awwww VIRTUAL gifts?
Mmmm that takes some of the fun out of it.
But thank you for answering my question:)


No problem! :happy:


Can’t wait to go and experience it all over again! :pirate:


This is the greatest site!!! I am counting the days till my family and I can see the first showing of the movie in our theater!!!