New Places


DW and I will be trying a couple of new places on our trip (starting Wednesday) and would like some feedback on them. We will be trying 1900 Park Fare and Raglan Road for the first time, thoughts?


1900 is my fav b’fast on site and the bread pudding at RR is a must.


Breakfast at 1900 was my birthday present from a friend two years ago and I thought it was delicious! Then again, I was so excited to be having breakfast with characters for my birthday so I may have not had an accurate tasting. Nonetheless I thought it was really good. :happy:

I’m trying RR for the first time this year too because I’ve only heard good things about it!


We first tried Raglan Road soon after it opened and it was - well - awful.

I went back a couple of trips ago and it was - well - FANTASTIC! Loved it. Especially the sticky toffee pudding which, alas, seems to have disappeared from the menu. The entertainment is terrific too.

I’ve only had breakfast at 1900 and think it’s the best breakfast buffet at WDW


1900 Park fare is pretty cool. I love the different mix of characters. You rarely see the Evil stepmother and step sisters, so the characters alone are pretty cool. The food is decent enough. My DD loved it…I didn’t, but I have a thing about buffet food, so don’t take my opinion to seriously.

I have never tried Reglan Road. The initial reviews when it first opened were Sketchy and inconsistant. Now that they have been open for some time and all the kinks are worked out, the reviews are WAY more consistant and positive. I think you are going to enjoy that one.

Please do report back when you get home. I want to read your opinions.


We did 1900 PF for dinner earlier in MAY… I have always bragged about their prime rib, but for some reason it was not good this time. I was a bit let down but we were there for our DD and we managed thru.

The Bud Light was good! … And cheaper than anywhere else in WDW!!! :laugh:


1900 Park Fare is wonderful (IMHO) its a ‘must do’ for us each trip for breakfast. Raglan Road got a thumbs down from us, we were dreadfully disappointed, however, we are not afraid to give it another go this trip, may have been just a ‘one off’ and others seem to have enjoyed it so I have to be fair and try it again.


Raglan Road is one of our must-do’s each trip. We have always found the food tasty and the entertainment and atmosphere is fantastic. The service can be a bit spotty but overall we’ve had good experiences.


been to both …totally different …raglan road …you go there at night sit in the dining room and the entertainemnt is fun …the 1900 is cafe style ,I believe they still do a character breakfast also very nice …


ye be from boston …any upstanding person from boston …has a little bit of irish in them …no wonder you like raglan road …I am not irish but I love raglan road …good food ,good fun …and my waitress was from latin america and she was indoctrinated irish also


Yup! I personally enjoyed 1900’s character breakfast. Then again, it was my birthday present because of Alice’s appearance there and so…I had an unusual extraordinary experience, lol! :blush: I’d go back in a heartbeat though for breakfast.


Sadly, food wise we didn’t love 1900 PF. However, it was the single best character we have met yet in the parks. The Mad Hatter there is AMAZING. He literally had us jumping out of our seats or rolling laughing the entire breakfast. We loved that guy. Between him and the Tinker Bell we met in Pixie Hollow, we go on and on about those character experiences.


Don’t know if it was the same one I saw but I agree. He was absolutely fantastic and made the meal even that much better! He’s also a tough cookie to find elsewhere so if you want a good dose of insanity…totally worth it!


Just realized I wasn’t even paying attention. My avatar pic is from 1900 PF. THAT is the greatest Mad Hatter EVER!!!


never dined at Raglan Road as yet but I have heard fabulous reports from there over the years it has been open. We have eaten a few times at 1900 park fare and always enjoyed it. There is a good choice of food and the characters are fun too. However the last time we were there we did not enjoy it so much as we were sat right on the other side of the door so literally had ZERO peace to enjoy our meal. The doors were in constant use and every 30 seconds or so someone or an entire family would come by either going in an out. We asked to move to a better seat but it was so busy they said they could not help. So basically we were in a bad mood for the majority of the dinner! :crying:

That said…it is usually a good meal and the atmosphere (if at a good table…) is great.


We did the breakfast at 1900 Park Fare and felt it was the BEST breakfast buffet we have enjoyed at WDW. Even had eggs benedict that day! Beat Chef Mickey’s by a long shot. The Mad Hatter and Mary Poppins were a delight. It can get hectic with all the kids but what’s WDW all about anyway? Recommed breakfast in a minute!


He looks like who Im thinking but then again it’s a small pic so I can’t be totally sure. However, I agree that he was incredible! :happy:


RR…service was beyond lousy, food wasn’t good enough to make up for it, although it wasn’t as horrible as the service.


RR is a very cool place to hang out. I have not had anything from the food menu.

Not that I remember.

In the words of Harry Chapin, “I spent a weekend there one afternoon.”


1900 Park Fare was very nice when we went to it about 4-5 years ago. We went for my niece’s 1st birthday. We got a beautiful cake and got to meet all the characters! We had the dinner buffet which was good, but I’d say pretty much a standard Disney buffet. It was good, but not good enough to make us HAVE to go back again. :blush: