New plan of attack


Seeing as how WL isn’t going to happen, maybe I’ll stay in a moderate this time. I’ve done Coronado Springs (twice, I believe) and the Magnolia Building of Port Orleans Riverside. I’ll have my car so transportation is not a factor. If I don’t do SSR and go for a moderate instead, does anyone have any input/suggestions?


Disney’s FQ is awsome! Try that it is so nice and relaxing.


We stayed at POFQ for two nights last trip. We really enjoyed it. We had a great room on the second floor overlooking the pool with the slide. I loved the narrow cobblestone walkways. Because the resort is small it is a very short walk to the food court area.

I think we may even like POFQ more than the Riverside now.


What’s the hesitation about SSR? I think I missed that explanation. :laugh:


If you can get the great rate at SSR I would do that. If you want a moderate I think POFQ is the best one. It;s small and everything is close to the main area. I really thought I would like POR better based of the theme but didn’t.


I’ve always been a POR person myself but have never stayed at FQ-after reading these positive comments perhaps its time we tried elsewhere, but given the choice between SSR and either of those I think I would plump for SSR if I could.


Ok, we have stayed in a moderate resort the last 5 years @ DW. We love Caribbean Beach Resort, it’s big resort and it is our favorite, but if your going for something smaller you might want to stay @ POFQ-my least favorite moderate. We are staying SSR this year and we are actually saving money by buying points, If you can go with SSR!


CBR is our favorite resort as well. I have heard great things about POFQ but I dont want to stay there because I don’t like the sinks. I know it sounds crzy but I just don’t like them. While CSR is beautiful, we didn’t prefer it because it wasn’t very kid friendly. But I am sure you would love it.


I have seen all the pictures and the theme at POR was more us but it just didn’t grab me like I thought it would and I think a lot of that was the size. I didn’t like the theme of POFQ in pictures but the charm of the resort won us over.


If you can get SSR I’d definitely make that the first choice. For a moderate - POFQ is very nice.


Of the 3 moderates I’ve stayed at (POR, POFQ, and CBR) CBR is my favorite. POFQ was until our last stay there where we had horrible mousekeeping and bus service. CBR is huge and the main pool is under refurb so I would say go with POFQ. I think our last stay was just a fluke bad week.


EJ everyone lately seems to be really loving POFQ. And my family loves POR. I don’t think you can go wrong with one of those… if you are looking for a change of scenery at POR, try Alligator Bayou – it’s our favorite section.


First off, how are you doing EJ? Haven’t seen you post in awhile. My favorite resort is POFQ. I love the smallness of the whole resort and plus they have a fun pool, which my kids love. We also don’t have to pay extra for booking a “preferred” room. We can just get a standard room and b/c the resort is so small we are not that far from the food court.


POFQ, it’s smaller than the rest of the mods and chances are good you won’t have to share the MK bus with Riverside. The downside is, you will share every other bus with Riverside, so you’ll have 4 additional stops to every destination but DTD, which runs in the opposite direction of the other buses, running the 4 stops in Riverside first, then French Quarter. The upside is, on all the other routes, POFQ is always the first stop.
The other downside is POFQ only has a food court, the sit down is at POR.


yeah what she said. I ahve stayed at FQ twice…it’s perfect.


I think you’ll love FQ, too.

But why don’t you just rent points - I bet it will end up cheaper?


I’m doing well, babets. thanks! How are you?

Well, POFQ sounds like the way to go. I’d be interested in renting points, but I have to find someone who’s got them…