New plans


I have posted a rough draft of my trip plans, but some have changed. I make my ADR’s on Friday and would like to run these new improved plans by the group to get some feed back and opinions. Thanks for throwing me a bone and playing along.

Day one - Wednesday 10/25
Breakfast - airport
Lunch - OKW or MGM
Dinner - O’hanna

Day two - Thursday 10/26
breakfast - in room
Lunch at water park for the kids and DBF and who knows for me
Dinner - no plans. going to let DBF pick what hes’ in the mood for

day three - Friday 10/27
breakfast - Crystal Palace for me and the two girls
Lunch - counter service at MK
(guys are going to play golf and do whatever they want to)
Dinner - Portabello for me and DBF kids are going to DQ and will grab something there

Day four - Saturday 10/28
breakfast - in room
lunch - Food and wine festival
dinner - Olivia’s for me and DBF and kids if they want to otherwise they can grab food court and head to the pool

Day five - Sunday 10/29
breakfast - in room
lunch - whatever park they want to go (guys leave after lunch)
Dinner - Chef mickey’s for me and the girls

Day six - Monday 10/30
breakfast - breakfastsaurus
lunch - AK or resort
Dinner - Tony’s at the MK

Day seven - Tuesday 10/31
sleeping in and skipping breakfast
brunch/lunch early at ABC Commissionary (DD’s fav)
dinner at 50’s prime time
early night out of park and heading to DTD for thier trick or treating

Day eight -
breakfast - in room
lunch ?
I don’t know what flight times I am going to get, so I am no making any dining arrangements for this day yet.

So, please let me know what you think. I am trying some new things this trip. Portabello, Olivia’s, and Tony’s are places I have never been too. Please give me your feed back on them. We haven’t done 50’s PTC in years and are looking forward to going back. I am not to much into the play acting, but think the kids will like it. I know that there are meals that it’s only me and DBF, but we firgured we would let the kids decide if they want to eat with us of not. I am not even going to stress myself out trying to get 4 teens to eat with us old fuddie duddies…lol


looks great, hottie!


Thank you Caver. I appreciate you taking the minute to read them over. :wub:


Dana, I think your plans look great! I love that you are trying 3 new places this trip. I try to add at least one new place every trip so we don’t get stuck in a rut. We went to Tony’s years ago for lunch and it was fine, we all enjoyed our meal and left happy.


I think your plans look great, too. I really like that you and you DBF will get to have some meals alone :wub: and although you have everything sort of maped out, there is a lot of freedom and room for a change.


Dana, what about Le Cellier (in Canada) and Mitsukoshi (in Japan) at Epcot? Also, have you tried the Rain Forest Cafe in DTD? Of course, there’s always the Mc Donald’s at DTD as well! By the way, we love the character breakfast at Restaurantasaurus. I especially love the trays of Krispy Kreme donuts they bring out!


Looks good Dana! I can’t wait to hear all about the trip!


Wow…those plans look great Dana! Good idea about letting the kids do what they want as far as meals…everyones happy that way:)


Looks fine to me! I will be ready and waiting for you at the airport in Philly. Oh, and HB too!


Great plans!
Seems to be a nice mix of different types of places.


Looks good to me - I like that you’re trying new things. I’m anxious to hear your opinion of Tony’s - I’ve always wanted to try it. You’re going to love Olivia’s - they have the BEST green beans. :wink: Actually, if they have the filet and shrimp special with the garlic mashed potatoes - go for it. It’s excellent. So is the buttermilk chicken, and the meatloaf…


Looks good - I’ve not been to most of those places, so I can’t wait to hear what you think.

50s is FUN, as you know, and I thought Tony’s was great. :wub:

Sit outside for Spectro, if you’re feeling up to it - perfect weather for it in Oct!


I have been to LeCellier and was going to take DBF there on our Epcot night, but changed my mind. I can’t see him making it all day in the park and then staying for dinner too…I’d be shocked to see him last that long…lol


The night we are doing tony’s is our night for MNSSHP. We will have to try that for next trip. Thanks for the suggestion.


Yes, I am really looking forward to some alone time with him. The kids will have their friends and can do what they want to. They aren’t going to want to have a nice meal and sit with us…lol sounds like our advantage…lol

Thank you all for looking and giving me your thoughts. I always appreciate it. :heart:


Dana, are you getting in for an early breakfast before official park opening? Then will you dash over to EE? That’s what we’re planning to do. Isn’t there another pathway to Asia other than having to go thru the center Island?

Your other ADRs look great!


That’s exactly my plans. You can easlily get to EE’s location from Donald’s. If you sneak through dinoland there is a way to get to EE. When we were at AK last january and they were building EE, we walked by it and took the long path all the way around the park and ended up in dinoland. I intend to go that way. I am going to get the first available time slot for donald’s and run my butt off to get to EE and take a couple of turns before the lines get busy.


What can I say? Excellent plans!


Has anyone done this since EE opened? 8:00am Breakfast at Donald’s, then taken the path by the old Tarzan building (do you think they blocked it off due to the construction?).

How’s this plan…get FP for EE, go thru standby line for the first run, then come back out and go to FP entrance. Then get FP for Kali. Go over to Safari and ride if not too long (since most people will probably still be at EE), do the safari, then come back for Kali FP. Whew, that was a mouthful.


I am only going to miss you by TEN days!
That is so sad!!!

Oh well, I’m over it…the plans look lovely! I am glad you’ll have some downtime to enjoy WDW with DBF! Seriously, going to wdw as a couple is great! I am glad you’ll get a chance to enjoy it!
Pretty soon I’ll bet you’ll book a trip without the kiddies! :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:

Yeah right, dd would murder you.