New problem with grandma


She just informed me that she wants to take the kids to the hall of presidents for educational purposes. :eek: Someone please tell me that isnt there anymore. Im about to cancel her reservation. Anyne wanna replace her??? LOL :wink:


It is still there, but I must tell you we took the kids in last year and dd was 4 and ds was 7 and they both really liked it! Maybe you will be surprised???

I will dress up and take her place though!!


Funny, Funny stuff! I wish you the best! :eek:


Aww…how long has it been since you were in HoP? We took 11 yr old DS there for the first time in many years in January and he really liked it. Even if you’re not interested in the history part of it, the animatronics are fascinating.

And you can always think of it as a great, cool place for a nap if you really hate it.


But it’s Edumakationale! :pirate:


Gotta love grandmas! But the good news is that it is cool in there, so a great way to escape the heat! And like ddoll, said it is also a great place for a nap. On hot days, it is hilarious to look around in some of the theater attractions and see how many people are just dozing in the A/C!


4yo DD liked it. DH being a history buff loved it…I like…ummm the AC.
Anyway I have a threatrical costume that would make me fit right in a grandma! :wink:


I’m there for the AC


You may be surprised, i hadn’t been in YEARS and went recently and LOVED it. For younger, younger children it definately isn’t the best idea but pre-teens and teens may actually REALLY appreciate the cool audioanimatronics, etc.


You poor thing, lol. The AC sounds good, and maybe a nap. But if you really don’t want to go in, maybe you’ll just HAVE to go use the ladies room and grandma can take the kids herself. You can shop :cool:


I enjoyed the show for a bit and then napped. It was great. Don’t knock it until you try it. :wink:


Grandma has a good idea. Like everybody said if you go in, take a nap. If not maybe go to the ladies room or go shopping while grandma has the kids. WDW is for everybody, go enjoy yourself while you have a chance. :tongue:


Actually, my older kids (ages 9, 7 & 7) love the Hall of Presidents. I just go for the nap. :wink:


I’d fire grandma. She’s causing too much stress. LOL

:tongue: J/K


Kids (10 and 5) liked it! DH took a nap.


I don’t mind the HoP. I have to do it once in a while, just to make my uncle proud. (Proud American type, he is.) And yeah, it is a great place to rest your feet and soak up the AC. It’s not so bad…


It’s way too classic to not even give it a chance. Try it you might find you like it. Like others have said, if you’re not there for the history or even the A/C, go for the Audioanamatronics. It’s fun to look at the other presidents that are not talking and to notice thieir mannerisms and movements.


HoP is cool :c)

I’m a geek.


Nope…you are not a geek!!! You can’t be cause I like HoP and I’m not…at least I don’t think I am :huh:


I skipped it last year but I think I’ll give it a try. Give it a chance!