New Projection Debut 11/2012 on castle


I found out that the Magic, the Memories and You has retired and Celebrate the Magic is the new show that takes place at 9:15pm projected on the castle at the Magic Kingdom!

“Celebrate the Magic” | Walt Disney World News


I’m sorry I never shot more than a couple seconds of the old show.
It was so much better than I could have ever imagined.
I was curious why I didn’t see it any night we were in WDW last month when only a few months earlier, it was running.
Hopefully the new show/version will measure up to the last.


Soundgod I will let you know I am going the dec 18th I AM SO EXCITED


So cute! This is such a neat new technology (or really, old technology, but used in a great new way!)


They must be using 4K high definition sources and projectors.
The detail of the projection is stunning, as is the synchronization of the projections to the live fireworks.

Is there any info on the start date for this?
If it’s Dec 1 or earlier, I might have to change some plans.

Edit: Never mind, it’s already started.

‘Celebrate the Magic’ projection show to debut November 12 on Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World | Inside the Magic


We saw them testing this new show about 2am on Nov 9th from our balcony at Bay Lake Tower. The projections were so vivid. Bummed that we had to leave before the debut on Nov 12th.