New reservation.. how far out can you make them


How far out can you make a new resort reservation.
Friend was asking and I don’t really know.


You can make a room only reservation pretty far out. If you are talking about a package, you can book them as soon as Disney releases them. 2013 packages should be out in the next couple of weeks, maybe sooner. Once they release, you can book for any time in 2013.

If your friend is looking for a package specifically, I would wait for the packages to come out. Booking a room only requires one night’s deposit. Once you convert to a package, you will have to essentially cancel the room only and re-book a package. At that point you refunded you deposit and expected to put down another deposit of $200. Disney cannot take the money you put down on the room only and put it on the package. It’s a hassle and a pain in the neck to convert a room only to a package and there are honestly very little benefits to doing it.


Of course, if you have the room on your credit card and can wait the 72 hours for the first deposit to be credited back, then you can lock down the room, just to be certain your chosen hotel and room category are what you get.


i have room booked now for march 2013, i’ll cancel that and book packages as soon as they come out…I booked room in Feb


Can’t you just book a MYW package and change it to a better package if one comes along? Or are you guys saying that any of the MYW packages are simply not yet available to be booked at all???


Well as much as I enjoy a good debate, I am not going to contradict you. What I am going to say is that it has been taking up to seven days to get your money back. you want to roll the dice on your new deposit and your old deposit, by all means - go for it. I am just reporting what I have been experiencing.


MYW packages for 2013 are no available at all yet. You are only able to book a room only.


I will gladly post when they come out if that is helpful to you.


I didn’t know that. Thanks. I guess I always thought you could book a package as long as it was no more than a year away. Not sure why I thought that, I guess it’s some rule I just invented in my own little world.:blink:


When they finally release the new packages (again some time in the next two weeks I think), you will be able to book all of 2013, so technically you can book a year or more out if you look at it that way. It always goes, price increase and then new packages. So, while everyone was upset about the new pricing, I was jumping for joy because my file of 2013 clients is getting insanely big…lol


You can book room only 16 months in advance but only on the phone. Room rates haven’t been released but Disney will quote you via phone only and guarantee that number. Should rates be lower when they’re officially released then Disney will adjust your rate. Packages for 2013 should come out soon though since Park Passes have been released, I imagine.


Glad to here your client list is so big.:phone:


Actually, this year you are being guaranteed the room rate that you booked at. This is BRAND new for Disney and the only advantage to booking a room only super early and converting it to a package later.


I am actually shocked as it’s only been 4 months:heart:


…good to hear…I think people are back to traveling more now…


Gosh, I hope so. If not, I have picked a bad time in life to start a new career…lol Thank you for the support:heart: