New resort? Did I miss something?


Hi all -

Just got back from our super-short trip to POFQ, and we noticed what looked to be a new resort under construction at the corner of Bonnet Creek and Vista Parkway. Is this a new Disney property I missed hearing about? Is this the Hilton I can’t find more information on? I’m confused!!:confused::confused::confused:

I tried to search but my system is extraordinarily slow today:angry: and I haven’t found it in the topics I’ve been able to open.

BTW - trip report forthcoming!


I think that’s right. It will be a mix of hotel & timehsare.


It is the new Four Seasons Hotel and Golf Course.


Is it across from the Wyndham Bonnet Creek on Chelonia drive and next to CBR? If so you found the new Hiton. The new Waldorf is also there right next to the Hilton.