New Restaurant in DTD?


There is supposed to be a new restaurant going in next to McDonalds at DTD anyone know what it’s going to be??


I haven’t heard about this prospect but taking disney’s disconnect with McDonalds into consideration maybe something will be REPLACING it?!?!

Who knows, I haven’t read or heard anything though.


I haven’t heard anything. What happend with McDonalds, not that I eat McDonalds at WDW but I haven’t heard about this?



disney has a partnership of Burger king to all the theme parks or dtd.:confused:.


The new restaurant planned for the DTD Marketplace is T-Rex, an 18,000-square-foot monster that will feature audio-animatronic dinosaurs. If this type of theming sounds vaguely familiar it’s because the new eatery will be operated by Landry’s Restaurants, the same folks who bring you the very mediocre Rainforest Cafe chain. At any rate, T-Rex isn’t scheduled to open at DTD until early 2008.

Landry’s, by the way, has also contracted with Disney to build a new Himalayan-themed restaurant, tentatively named Asia, at Animal Kingdom next door to Expedition Everest.

I wish I could be more enthusiastic. :frown:


Here’s their website:
They are about to open one of those here in Kansas City.My kids are dying to go, it should be opening soon.