New Restaurant in Magic Kingdom


Anyone hear anything about a new restaurant called “Tordugo” (sp?) in Magic Kingdom? :confused: We had hear bit a pieces that it was coming and are looking for more info. We will be visiting WDW Nov/Dec 2008 and are anxious about finding out if this is true.


I’ve never heard of it…where is it supposed to be?


i had heard a rumor a while back (a year or more ago) about a pirate themed restuarant where el pirata y el perico is now. maybe its something about that rumor? i think there is thread about it in the rumors section. i am assuming its totuga - like pirates of the carribean?


That was exactly what we were hearing. It was in the Magic Kingdom where el pirata y el perico is. But that is about all I heard. We have friends going down this summer and will pump the cast members for more info.


Sounds like a great theme for an Adventure Land restaurant.



2009 - Tortuga - In Development - (10/26/07) Screamscape sources tell us that the Tortuga restaurant concept is far from death, it’s just been delayed for a variety of reasons beyond control and will likely more forward a year later than expected.
(10/22/07) A Screamscape source tells us that the budget may have been killed for the proposed pirate themed Tortuga restaurant concept near the entrance of Adventureland. They say that it was decided that the budget for this project could be better used is divided up to update all the existing food locations in the Magic Kingdom which are in need of more immediate help.
(6/6/07) Along with their own look at the Harry Potter madness going on at Universal, Jim Hill Media also has a good little bit of info about a proposal to have Pirates take over of Adventureland. Seems like the Tortuga restaurant is just one of many ideas that would see the the Pirates theme begin at the Adventureland gates and carry through all the way to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride itself. Nothing has been approved of course and shakeups within Imagineering may see these plans being shelved forever, but it including the replacing of the Swiss Treehouse with a new Black Pearl ship guests could explore, a new Pirate version of the Tiki Bird show and even a new outdoor coaster ride that would tie into the proposed storyline for a 4th Pirates film where they quest to find the Fountain of Youth. (Jim compared it to a Pirate themed version of the Raging Spirits coaster installed at Tokyo DisneySea in concept.)
(5/2/07) The latest rumors about the Pirate themed restaurant confirm that it is being planned for the old Veranda restaurant site across from the Swiss Family Treehouse and the working name is Tortuga. Going along with all the Pirate and Princess buzz this year, it seems Disney management has realized that while they have the Royal Court dining area in the castle to appeal to the Princess crowd, they need a good Pirate themed restaurant to lure in the boys.
(5/1/07) Screamscape has heard that Disney World may be talking about opening a new Pirate themed restaurant in the park. Our source tells us that they were told that management was looking a the old restaurant site across from the Swiss Family Treehouse.


This is a cool theme for a restaurant. I hope it becomes a reality.


I’m not a huge Pirates fan but MK really could use a new table service restaurant.


Gosh I hope it works out there. I keep thinking of how the two CS places there are never open: El Pirata and now the Noodle Station. But I guess there are more people looking for sit down restaurants in MK.

I know I’ll be looking forward to it.


Pirate themed dining I think would be really great especially after the success of the POTC movies.


A pirate themed restaurant would be AWESOME, finally a place boys would LOVE! (Well me too)


TAaarr -toooo-gaH!

“Resturant” says ye,
“Home” say I.


Theres going to be a fourth film?? I must have been under my rock for too long!!

I definalty think there should be a pirates themed restaurant though it would be great!


This sounds AWESOME! And I did hear there MIGHT be a 4th PoTC movie…I hope it’s true! :cool:


I thought there already was a pirate themed seafood restaurant. Isn’t it called Long John Silver’s?

Seriously though, pirate theming El Pirata y el Perico sounds interesting. I guess I’m a bit of a buzz kill on the whole Pirates thing. They could widen the theme out a little and make it all like a 19th Century Caribbean village and season it with Pirates.


That would be cool, but I think more people will get the tortuga thing more. Either way, I am excited…I LOVE PIRATES!


A coaster with an inversion in the MK? DON’T TEASE ME LIKE THIS!


they better have a 4th one so they can reunite will and elizabeth… plus bring in the story of the little boy…


Aye Kracken, what be in yourn mind that vexes you so?


The coaster thing caught my eye. I immediately thought there wasn’t much land available and sure enough going to com. Basically they would have to shoe horn it between the monorail, the Water Pagent storage canal, and the storage building next to the canal. I guess it could work, but.