New Restaurants to debut at Downtown Disney and Animal Kingdom


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[I]T-Rex is a unique concept that features dining and retail in an interactive prehistoric environment. The concept is built around water, fire and ice – guests visiting T-Rex will be greeted with life size animatronic dinosaurs that live among cascading waterfalls, bubbling geysers, a fossil dig site and much more. Locations are planned domestically and internationally, the first of which is slated to open this spring in The Legends mall in Kansas City, Kansas; with another opening in Downtown Disney® (near Orlando) in early 2008.

In addition to the T-Rex concept, Landry’s has acquired the majority interest in Schussler Creative’s new Asian themed eatery (which is expected to open by summer 2007) inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park. This Asian-themed restaurant with retail is reminiscent of the western Himalayan foothills in India and Nepal, featuring a rural village called Anandapur in a jungle with a tiny town-like mass at its center. Asia will offer full service table dining, as well as quick service food. This Asian-Fusion concept will feature Asian decor, complete with Asian antiques, as well as a retail component that will offer Asian goods ranging from Sushi plates to chopsticks and fine teapots.[/I]

This sounds very interesting. It will be nice to finally have another full-service restaurant at AK, but I hope that the food is better than Rainforest Cafe because that place just isn’t very good.


:huh: Is it wrong that the T-Rex themed restaurant makes me think of the big slab of ribs that tips Fred Flintstone’s car over and Brontosaurus Burgers? :laugh:

Thanks for the info coasterman! :flowers:


The T-Rex sounds really cool!!!


Is this taking the place of Rainforest Cafe at both its locations??


LOL . . . I thought of the Flintstones, too!! :laugh:


I’m not sure if it will replace the Rainforest Cafe in DTD, but the AK location will be located between Kali River Rapids and Everest. From what I’ve heard it will be closed to the new Everest villiage, right by the new DVC stand.


Sounds VERY cool.


This is good news for AK!


I can’t believe you said that… We LOVE Rainforest… I’ve eaten at Rainforest in 4 or 5 different cities and have loved every one of them…(except for the one at DLRP).

I am glad to hear about a new FS place at AK, and the T-Rex place sounds very cool…although it does remind me of a pre-historic version of Rainforest…


That sounds great, AK needs another full service restaurant.


Very cool, thanks for the heads up, Coasterdude!


Thanks for the info!!! Although…I’m with Hogboy!! I really like Rain Forest Cafe…


sound too:mickey:


Uh… That’s Hog “MAN.” :laugh:

Thanks for agreeing with me though… We OBVIOUSLY have superior taste buds to these other folks… :wink:


It’s not that Rainforest Cafe in AK is bad, but we live close to another Rainforest Cafe and all of the times I’ve eaten there I’ve been unhappy with the quality of food. Perhaps it’s better at AK and DTD, I hope.


Actually, I don’t like hearing about a non-Disney run restaurant inside the parks. I just haven’t had any luck with non-Disney restaurants on property (mostly at DTD).



Dang. If Disney were running them I’d be more thrilled. :frowning: Same experience as brumcg here.