New Restuarant In Italy


When the new resturant open???


I thought it was fall…not certain, but thought it was.


the cm I spoke to said it opens 09/01. they weren’t taking adr’s when i called end of june - but she thought they’d start taking them 1st of july. Wish we could see a menu!!


What restaurant is this??? Did they close Alfredo’s???



alfredo’s closes 08/31 & tutto italia (new company running it) opens 09/01. it will close in the spring (late winter maybe?) for a rehab & reopen.


NO menu anywhere yet…Tutto Italia is a chain resturant right?


not a chain that i heard of - the company that is managing the restaurants has several restaurants on east and west coast. can’t remember their name - its in another thread about alfredo’s closing i think. Their website has the menus from those other restaurants, but they vary so much i didn’t think i could use those as a basis for much.

I really want a menu!!! (yep, I am stomping my feet as I type)!!!


I wonder why they won’t take ADRs? I’d like to try this new restaurant…I’m thinking its got to be good, at least when they first open! Maybe it’ll be walkups only at first?


they may be taking them by now - i didn’t call back to check. DH wants to stick with Maya Grill, so we won’t switch to this one I guess. I’m torn - i’d kinda like to try it, but maya sounds interesting too.


Tutto’s is just a stopgap measure. It will open Sept 1st and then in the spring time it will close and will be transformed into a restaurant run by the Patina group.


Patina -that’s it! I couldn’t remember their name for anything!! thanks gatour!