New ride at Universal Orlando


Hollywood Rip,Ride,Rock opens in early 2009
Universal Studios Florida: Experience the movies


YEAH!!! Another coaster. Sounds really cool!!! Too bad it won’t be open fall 2008 (fingers crossed??) Oh well, it’ll give us an excuse to go back again in another year or so.

Thanks for the link!!


SO cool!!! :cool:


Nice… I love rollercoasters. (Though in a way, it is sounding somewhat similar to Rockin’ Rollercoaster Starring Aerosmith)

(I hesitated opening this thread for fear it would be about the Simpsons who took the place of Back to the Future :pinch: :blow:)


Wow. First I’ve heard of it. Can’t wait for more details.


oooh that sounds fun! Thanks for the link :smile:


Cant wait to try.


Sounds scary… a lot of those Universal coasters are too spooky fo rme, especially that green one that goes over the sidewalk!