New ride or show in MK!


Does anyone know where the new ride or show of Monsters Inc. will be in the MK?


They are doing it now and it is suppose to be done in January with the posibility of a soft opening over the holiday at the end of december if I have my information correct.


Thanks for the info. Will it be taking over another ride? Where will it be?


It will be where the Timekeeper used to be in Tomorrow land.


Wow I must have missed something. I didn’t even realize there was going to be a new Monsters attraction in WDW!

Cool. :mickey:


Yes,and from the description I have read,it sounds fun,more like a show to me.Correct me if i am wrong anyone.


Yep, old Timekeeper attraction.

They are installing Seats!!!


What type of attraction is this going to be?


Is this the “laugh floor” thing? Kinda like a comedy club with Mike Wazowski (sp) and is similar to the crush show at epcot - is what I heard about it.


Cool! Thanks! :happy:


I’ve heard all the same as what’s been mentioned here and there…it will be a stage-type show where the audience gets to sit(similar to Crush/Nemo in Epcot) in MK where TimeKeeper was, and that it will be opening early '07. Haven’t seen Crush yet but will hit it in Oct before dinner at Coral Reef!


where was the timekeeper in tomorrowland?


Right around the corner from my hometown, Plaza Pavilion (aka Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station :pinch:) On the corner actually, I beleive, and across the “street” is the Alien Encounter Stitch.



I can’t wait for her to see this!


The technology for this attraction is unbelievable. Same for turtle talk. They are getting it put in FAST. The possibility of a soft opening for the Holidays has skyrocketed. Even though I didn’t get through the audition for this attraction, I’ll be the first one there!


Sounds really cool can’t wait!!!


I am really looking forward to this one! I can’t believe how fast they’re putting it together.