New ride


wondering if anybody has heard anything with the new ride over in ak… :closedeye


Hey Earl!

No I haven’t heard any new information. I was kinda hoping it would open a bit before schedule, but haven’t heard anything great like that yet.


Last time in AK I did see construction going on. There will be a new ride opening soon in MGM. Not sure on details read some info while at WDW. I can’t wait to get back down there.


Not to get off the subject, but I noticed you have a count down for priority seating. Can a person make arrangements anytime for meals and/or seating? Do you have to call at a certain time before arriving in WDW?



90 days is the earliest for most places.


When we were in AK last week you can see the huge mountain structure being erected. it is mostly just steel girders at this point, but it looks really tall! It is supposed to be WDW tallest and fastest coaster yet, to open in 2006.


A little off-topic and probably already covered but - Does anyone know when Stitch’s is opening?


The opening of Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom will be part of “The Happiest Celebration on Earth” festivities, which will mark the 50th anniversary of Disneyland. Beginning May 5, 2005, and extending for 18 months through 2006, Disney parks the world over will participate by premiering new shows and attractions as well as debuting shows and attractions that have been popular in other parks.

Expedition Everest will be WDW’s new attraction, while Soarin’ comes from California, the musical show Cinderellabration comes from Tokyo and the auto stunt show Lights, Motors, Action is a staple in Paris. WDW visitors to Animal Kingdom also will get to see Lucky the dinosaur, Disney Imagineering’s first-ever free-roaming Audio-Animatronics figure. I’ve seen a clip of Lucky in action, and he’s pretty amazing.

Toss in the new Stitch attraction, as well, and there’s a lot to look forward to at WDW in the not too distant future.


When we there in May, we were at Blizzard Beach and at the top of the one mountain, family tube ride, you could see the cranes and construction clearly. It was pretty neat to see. Can’t wait for that one to open.


I haven’t heard about that one!!! Is it going to be at WDW? Which park?


Here is a link that shows some great pictures.

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While at disney in may of 03, we heard the “buzz” about the mount everest attraction. i heard it was to open in 06 and it was to be in AK. HUUUUUUGGGGEEE roller coaster.


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When I saw the title “NEW RIDE” I thought someone got a new car!!! :laugh: :blush:


Cinderellabration will be a live musical spectacular performed on the stage in front of Cinderella’s Castle. Publicity material says guests will see a favorite princess begin her “happily-ever-after” life during the magnificent, musical coronation of “Cinderellabration.”


Well I know u all know this but their building Expadition Everest in AK, planned to open in 2005-2006. Its kind of a Matterhorn like ride…I cant wait till it opens. Its gonna be awsome, or I think it it will be…but donno. :slight_smile:


Here is a couple of pictures…looks like Expediton Everest is going to be a good one!
Den :laugh:


Just for all of you who dont know this and are looking at the picture above, its a bit old. They have already finished the main steel work and are now already putting on the chicken wire, lath, and all that good stuff to form the outside of the mountain. :slight_smile: Just thought I’d let u all know. :slight_smile:


I’m really hoping that EE turns out to be sweet. It would appear that Disney is continuing the trend with E Ticket Attractions for AK, as was one of the concepts from the early days on the drawing boards.

After all, it is supposed to be a close competitor with Busch Gardens, which is pretty stacked with thrill rides and roller coasters.


I had meant to post the more up-to-date picture from August, but I clicked the wrong one. :sad:

But, still looks impressive!
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When we were there in June I happened to ride the Monorail one late afternoon with a Ride Engineer who used to be an Imagineer and he gave me some info. He said the Stitch ride/show is on time and they were recording the sound for it the week we were there. As for Everest he said it is a colossal project and things were going smoothly and they were still shooting for an early 2006 start-up. He also stated that as the Imagineers “raise the bar” on the rides the harder it is to meet deadlines as you can probably tell by the delays in some of the newer rides in the past(Test Track for example). It is great that the Imagineers and Ride Engineers are so free with their info and more than willing to talk to you about rides and shows under construction or planned for the future.