New roller coaster


Just curious, but heard from an acquaintence about a new roller coaster in Magic Kingdom. Do not know any specifics or details just a buzz. Anyone else hear this?


Haven’t heard a thing. But I would like to know if there is something new at MK myself?


I haven’t heard anything but that would be great!


nope didnt hear anything yet:blink:


? Nope Where ddi you here this ?
Maybe Rowdy could tell us if this a rumor or a plan for the future ?


Nope, haven’t heard a thing. I would think that adding a roller coaster would require replacing something else. Maybe you were overhearding something about a Space Mountain refurb?


They did just compete the refirb in DL SM. After just finishing EE I think they’d redo something else first. Also, they have a whole in MGM where WWtoAM show was.

Of course the didn’t ask me. 20,000 Leagues site is still open. Hmmm.


I haven’t really heard anything in the coaster community, but I have heard here that there are plans to do a heavy refurb on Space Mountain. This could be along the lines of the major refurb of Matterhorn a few years back, or it could be a rumored complete replacement of all the ride’s track and control systems. They won’t change the actual ride, and the new track will be the same layout.


Is that the same refurb that’s supposed to cost $30 million dollars? :blink: Because that amount seems absolutely ridiculous. I realize they would be replacing everything, just like they did in DL, but…:whistling That seems like enough $$ for a whole new attraction if you ask me!

I find it so amazing that they would spend so much on a refurb! But I’m clueless about the financial aspect of things, so maybe that’s not as much as it sounds like.


Only $30 million to gut the interior and rebuild the ride without disturbing the shell of the building? Here comes a comment sure to cause an uproar, Disney spends too much for on ride effects for roller coasters. Cedar Point is building a new coaster, including heavy landscaping and water effects on a previously occupied piece of land featuring LIM launches and a generous 4400 feet of track for only $21 million. Yes, $30 million might be right when you factor in WDW’s Space Mountain is really two mirror image roller coasters and all new on ride music and effects. Except the building, queues, and platforms, it will be all new. Unless they keep the current trains.
I was just thinking, we might be lucky and be able to see some of the construction from the TTA.
Coasters are starting to get pretty expensive overall too. Even if your name isn’t Disney.


Sounds like my cue :laugh:

Well guys right now the only new attraction opening up I’m aware of besides the 4 new shows/parade is Monster Inc.'s Laugh Floor in Tomorrowland. There’s no new coaster been talked about to my ears. However, there is a new Disney/Pixar ride that’s going to be at Studios where Millionaire is right now. No word on if it’s a coaster, ride through or what the story is even about. But it’s coming. Maybe that’s the rumor you heard.


With those big ears of yours we’ll take that as gospel. No wait it’s GOOFY that has big ears. :biggrin:


We were just at Ceder Point about a month ago and I have to admit while the thrill factor of the rides were OUTSTANDING, the whole vibe of the place was pretty lame. The almost total lack of theming takes away from the whole experiance in my mind, of course I am not the coaster junkie I once was so that may have a lot to do with it. At least at the Six Flag’s Great America there is some theming on a couple of rides, and the park is split into different areas, ala the Lands at DW.

For me the theming and the whole extra sensory input is what sets Disney apart. Of course the other thing I noticed at both of the other parks was the total lack of customer respect. The wrokers there seemed board almost to the point of being surly.

So if I have to choose between the overall good vibe and total immersion I get at WDW for a few thrills I will have to go with the vibe!:happy:



GrumpyDad, of course Cedar Point is over 100 years old, so to expecting it to be anything other than a tradional amusement park is a little bit of a stretch. When it comes to true theme parks, only Disney, Universal’s Islands of Adventure and the two Busch Gardens parks really qualify. Even the Six Flags and Paramount parks are only marginally themed when compared to the top tier parks. Speaking of top tier parks. I understand that Hard Rock is building a true theme park in Myrtle Beach with an inital cost of $400 million.
I’m surprised at your impression of Cedar Point’s park employees. I’ve found them to be friendly, upbeat, and efficient in rapidly loading coaster trains and checking restraints. Six Fags is another story, but even at Six flags parks, you do find many above average cast members. But I can’t go to Cedar Point, Magic Mountain, or any other major coaster park for more than 2 and a half days. It does wear off quickly. It’s very easy to spend a week or more at WDW, but there’s so much more to do without leaving Disney’s property, except after midnight when you can’t get anything decent to eat inside Walt Disney world and you’re forced to go to IHOP or Steak andShake. Sorry, I digress.


That’s insanity.


What’s insanity? The cost of state of the are thrill rides? You are aware that Mission Spance and Expedition Everest cost Disney $100 million each. I’m not sure what Soarin’ cost. It looks like the average cost of a new major coaster, without much theming beyond the load station and queues is $15 million - $25 million. Major flat rides like the big swinging rides that hold 40 guests at a time cost $3-5 million.


I bet you’re right…you probably will be able to see some construction from TTA, although knowing Disney and how they think of EVERYTHING, it’s probably strategically blocked off so everything will magically disappear during renovations and then reappear when complete!


What’s insanity is that it costs $30 million to refurbish an attraction that’s already there. Yes, it’s basically replacing the entire thing from top to bottom, but you said yourself that Cedar Point is building a brand new ride for less than that.

It just strikes me as crazy. I had no idea they could put so much money into that type of thing.

And yes, I’m aware how much Mission Space and Expedition Everest cost. But they are brand new and state of the art. Space has been around for decades, and all they’re doing is “redoing” it. So it just seems like a lot.


I seem to remember the last time they refurbed Space Mountain they left the work visable to those on TTA. It was very cool seeing the track layout as you went thru the mountain.


Good to know…I think it would be really neat to see the work going on…we’ll be there in 33 days!