New Room Designs at HRH


Have you guys seen the new rooms at the Hard Rock Hotel? They look gorgeous!

From Universal excitement: Forum :: View topic - Hard rock hotel to completely revamp all rooms

ORLANDO, FL – It is the perfect mix of funk and just plain fun. Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando is getting a hip and stylish renovation of all 650 guest rooms and suites, which will include 32-inch flat panel televisions and MP3 landing stations with connectivity to the in-room stereo system. The room renovation creates an overall impression of urban chic, with a sophisticated palette of warm neutrals, chocolate brown, aqua and lime. New technology blends with a new style that truly rocks!

“Our interior design concept for the guest rooms and suites at Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando sizzles with the innate excitement of the music and entertainment industry,” says Karen Daroff, president of Daroff Design, Inc., the company leading the hotel’s rooms renovation. “There are subliminal references to piano keyboards, guitar strings and sheet music which we re-interpreted into patterns, textures and colors to delight guests.”

“We are creating a new vibe in all our guest rooms, not only with the new look, but also with the latest technology. Guests can listen to music on their MP3 players through the in-room stereo or watch a concert on our new flat panel TVs,” says General Manager Carlton Hudson.

The chic new look includes a complete upgrade of the bedding linen package, with new sheets, duvets, pillows and shams, as well as new carpeting, new wall paint and granite tops on the mini bars. New artwork of rock stars receiving gold and platinum albums will also be added in each guest room. In addition, all suites will have tabletop stereos featuring an iPod docking station/clock radio and all club level rooms will be outfitted with DVD players.

Hard Rock Hotel’s new room design also complements the sweeping mission-style architecture of the hotel’s exterior. The back story of the hotel is based upon the notion that it is the mansion of a former rock star who has amassed countless pieces of memorabilia during his years on the road and guests in the hotel get to live vicariously through him. Indeed, design elements in the new rooms were conceived to support the concept that every guest can live like a rock star during their stay.

“You can check out any time you like,” says Hudson, “but you’ll never want to leave.” Renovations are set to begin in late August and will be completed by early November.


:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

That looks so COOL! (and equally expensive) - but not the point! :wink:

I wonder how much it is to stay 1 night. :ohmy:


Well, just like at WDW, it varies greatly by resort, date and discounts. Rack rates are never good, just like at WDW.

But the thing to remember at the Uni hotels is, you are not only getting a deluxe resort, but you are paying for that FOL service too. Which to me means you get to go through the parks very quickly and then have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the resort amenities.


Oh…and we’re staying there in early December, so I can let you guys know first hand about the renovations.


It sounds great. We didn’t really notice that it needed any refurbishing, although I’ve read review that have mentioned the need.


Wooooooo really nice! I would love to stay there one year but there are just too many Disney resorts to try. Universal offers some killer deals though.


Wow, the hotel’s only been open since 2001 and they’re already doing a refurb. Well, they were repainting and laying new carpet in the Portofino in 2004. The problem with the Universal resorts is that they’re at Universal. Universal, even when you add in a day for Sea World and Busch Gardens each, is still only 4 days. There’s no reason to stay at Universal for BG and SW over WDW, same goes for your side trip to Cypress Gardens. I see no upside to staying outside WDW boundries at non-disney resorts. I love Universal and their fast pass/room key is the best, but they need some new stuff (roller coasters!). They haven’t added anything since 2004, and IOA hasn’t had anything new since it opened.


I guess redecorating is a better term, since as E&B’sMom mentioned, the rooms didn’t show any need for refurb.

FYI, some of us like it at Universal. And they do have fireworks in the summer.


Wow, I love the look of those rooms! I am so tempted to book one for my birthday. But it’s right in the middle of October, so it would be just my luck that I wouldn’t get a redecorated room. :pinch: But I will definitely have to stay there in the future once everything is complete.


Hey Ginger, stop in and visit my friend Geri and me when we go in December!


wow! They are nice! Thanks for posting that link. I am trying to figure out how I can justify staying there for a night or two next August. It’s a tad expensive…lol gorgeous though!


On the scale they’re working, especially if they’re changing all of the room furniture along with paint and carpet, it is correct to call it refurbishment. You should know I like it at Universal too. I just burned myself out on it because I had an annual pass for 5 years straight and made sure I got my use out of them. I saw fireworks in IOA once. Once. And it was so lame compared to the least of WDW’s shows. Like I said, Universal needs some new attractions. I just wish GE/NBC get off their duffs and pump some money in.


The US hotels all seem really luxurious!!! But give me the mouse!!! LOL


We were there in 2004 and I thought the rooms were nice then. The HRH is a great resort and has a terrific pool. I can’t believe they are updating already.


I can’t wait to stay there in December. When we were there last December, the only thing I noticed is that the room we were in needed new carpet. It isn’t much, but IOA did finally open the Seuss Trolley ride earlier this year. We enjoy going to Universal at the end of our Disney trip because we tend to relax more by the pool. It helps us feel more refreshed when we get home.


where is the HRH? is it by downtown disney?


No Chris. The Hard Rock Hotel is at Universal.


i can’t wait for this.