New Room themes to come!


I just read this on another site…

Disney turns to ‘storybook’ themes to fill hotel rooms | from

We loved the theming of the pirate rooms at CBR, I can’t wait to see what Disney comes up with next and which resort will get the new rooms!!


Oh wow how exciting is that? Curious to know the themes they will be using - such alot of scope.


I think the rooms will look great and from what I heard a lot of the rooms needed renovation anyway. I know the economy is bad right now but article said occupancy fell 81%. Geeeezzzzzz


mmmm…:closedeye I wouldn’t mind falling asleep with Captain Jack watching over me!:wub::laugh: Very good idea. CBR was definitely in need of a refurb. We only stayed there once, years ago, and it was getting shabby then. Kids will love it.


I like your thinking! ROFL! Although, I am a bit more of a Will Turner gal myself :slight_smile: Now him …


Wow, that’s interesting. I can’t wait to see/hear more details.


I love that! It seem Disney is really shaking things up lately.


Oh this is to cool!! I can’t wait’ staying there in september we have a pirate room. But next time maybe something new.:pirate:


Great. Just what I need. Disney creating another reason to come back to check out the new themes. Might as well just sent an allowance to their banker. :blink:


I can believe it.


LOL can I say DITTO


I would love a Fairy theme, or maybe classic Minnie and Mickey. Or Snow White with the aminals lining the walls, and the Dwarf bed in your room! So many possibilities.

They could even do a Luxury stand alone “Fairy House” made like a toadstool. It would have flowers everywhere and the inside could be made out of “nature” items. Flowers, leaves, dew drops, trees and such. I would shell out the money to stay there!


I am looking forward to staying in these rooms next month. I have to laugh how clever Disney is to use the least desirable location. Oooh, can I please pay more to be farther away! :laugh:


It fell to 81%, only 4% lower than last year which 19% occupancy really isn’t that bad for that time of year. Could’ve been worse like the 40-50% vacancy that non-Dis resorts had.


If they do convert every single room at CBR into a cool themed room, it could quickly become the favorite resort for families with young kids. I really like that idea, because that is a terrific resort that seems to be under the radar a lot of the time when people are booking mods.




Dibs on Geoffery Rush rooms.