New round for Disney moms panel


I just seen this on Mousesavers in case no one knew… - Disney World Moms Panel 2009


Awesome! I hope some of our MB mommies get selected this year!


DW is going to try and do this. I hope she qualifies.


I think I may giveit a try but who knows after today I was looking for a reason to tell my boss where to put it :laugh:


I really hope someone from MB gets selected this year!


I’m definitely going to try this time around.


[QUOTE=tinkerbelle24;873349]I just seen this on Mousesavers in case no one knew… - Disney World Moms Panel 2009[/QUOTE]

We have several threads on this very subject already :wink:


Thanks for the reminder. I really need to apply today at naptime. They closed earlier last year.


Sorry! I must have been under a rock or something:laugh:


Do you work at the same place I do? I had the same day!!!


Wow, only 16! I’m definitely going to apply! I marked my calendar!!! Thanks for the heads up!!! I’m not really available to travel Dec 5-9 (still in class), but I’ll skip out for that!!


it must be a big rock, cuz i’m there with ya! :laugh:

i gotta go apply!!!


Okay, I’m in a twilight zone. I sat down to enter this now, thinking tomorrow was the last day to enter. Uh, no they don’t START accepting applications until Monday. :huh:


Thanks for the post!!
Hope some MBers are picked!!


I was already thinking of how to word my essay.


I am horrible at writing essays but would love to be a Disney Mom!


An essay? :eek: Sounds like work! I don’t know how I’m going to squeeze in writing an essay, studying for my class and family visiting–all at the same time! :eek: But guess where my priorities will be? Yep, applying for the panel! :laugh: So I guess I’ll get an F on my exam and our guests will have to fend for themselves!


Cool - I am definitely going to apply. :smile:


I’m going to try this time too! :heart:


Does anyone know what the essay has to be about. I don’t want to assume that its “Why do you want to be a WDW mom panelist?”