New Rumors and News!


I got this from a Tweet, not sure how true ANY of it is, but there are some cool ideas! :heart: And a few have come true!

So onto the News…Enjoy, these are from a bunch of different disney site.

–Save Pleasure Island blog has posted a story that indicates that the former Virgin Megastore site could be replaced by a display of gowns worn by Princess Diana.<TRUE>

— STAR TOURS: As rumored, the rehab is about to start. And you know why? Because Tokyo Disney (Oriental Land Company) wanted their own version so they poured in some money. And George Lucas has been VERY involved. The new version sounds REALLY cool. Apparently, the original Star Tours was supposed to be updated every three years or so with a new film (ha!). So now, they’re creating a new 3-D film (yes, everyone will have to wear 3-D glasses). The new film will be set in the time between Star Wars Films 3 and 4 (so, after Queen Amidala’s death but before Luke finds Obi Wan and blows up the Death Star). But here’s the cool part – they’re saying that the ride will now have hundreds of versions, so guests will never know what they’re getting into…they’re going to film about 25 openings, about 25 middles, and then 25 endings, so your ride will never be the same…this is one way to make sure it stays fresh for MUCH longer. I can’t wait to see this.

— WDW’s Fantasy Land (in the Magic Kingdom) is getting a MAJOR expansion (yes, expansion). And where will that expansion go, you ask? In Mickey’s Toon Town Fair, a place that was originally designed to be only a 3-year entry. Apparently, Imagineers are adding “The Enchanted Forest,” a place, according to the head story exec, where Princesses seem to always run into (to much laughter). So, yes, it sounds like it will definitely be a heavy does of princesses, but with lots and lots of room for kids and whole families to have tons of fun. Looks like it will include musical shows, story times, birthday parties, lots of character meet-and-greats (of course). We’ll see if it turns out to be as cool as their promising. And the area between the castle and the Carousel is being transformed into a castle courtyard, complete with brand new themeing and shrubbery. This is definitely going to be a big change.

— As speculated, the LITTLE MERMAID dark ride is going into both Disneyland AND WDW. Yep, it’s taking over the space once occupied by the Subs.

—The next major Disney theme park will be on 2,000 acres in Shangai. Which surprises me, considering the poor attendance thus far at Hong Kong. But, of course, Hong Kong’s park is pretty small. The Shanghai project looks to be pretty expansive, with lots of lakes, hotels, etc.

—The Disneyland Hotel is getting a top-to-bottom rebuild. And the entire courtyard/recreation area is being torn down and rebuilt. Basically, Disney’s almost rebuilding this hotel from scratch.<TRUE>

—Disneyland Paris is getting a whole new TOYSTORY Play Place land, which looks like it’s kind of like the “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” play area, but WAAAAAY more expansive and with actual attractions. We can probably expect to see some form of this in Florida soon, to replace the “Honey” play area.

—Disney has purchased land in Washington D.C. to build a major resort/water park/themed area…basically, the head designer said that since Disney failed twice to build an American History-themed park, this was their attempt to “do it” right. The designs showed a very, very large historical-type resort hotel with an adjacent water part. They said, however, this plan was in the very early stages. <TRUE>

—The POP CENTURY resort is back on track to be finished now, but the remaining hotels will be Animation Suites hotels, which are described as vacation suites for families on a budget – and completely new concept for Disney. Waaay cool.

—The Tree House Villas have all been replaced and are ready to be occupied by Disney Vacation Club members. <TRUE>

— On the Cruise Ships, the areas for age-specific programming are being expanded, but the cool part is the new ANIMATOR’S PALETTE restaurants – guests will actually draw cartoons when they sit down. These cartoons will be given to the “magic people.” Then later, during the meal, those actual drawings will come to life and be animated on the walls next to each table. Very cool.

----Also, the Turtle Talk with Crush is coming aboard the new Cruise Ships, and Crush will be swimming all around the Animator’s Palette to interact with guests. Sounds cool.

— Hong Kong Disney is getting site-specific attractions based on existing ones here in the states – for example, instead of Haunted Mansion, they’ll be getting the Mystical Manor, where a curse is released inside the house and all manner of supernatural things occur.

—Stitch’s SuperSonic Celebration at the Magic Kingdom is expected to close within the next two weeks. The show has only been open for around 6 weeks, but has failed to win over audiences. The main criticisms voiced are the total lack of shade for the guests and a poor story line. <TRUE>

*[B][I]Please keep in mind that these our all rumors from many sites and people… and as all rumors may never come true[/I][/B]


My DH will be THRILLED if that really happens with Star Tours!! He’s a HUGE SW fan!


Its also true that they did purchase land outside of DC, it was in the news here a few days ago.

I would love to see the Star Tours rehab, that would be awesome.


[QUOTE=lovemysons;969047]Its also true that they did purchase land outside of DC, it was in the news here a few days ago.

I would love to see the Star Tours rehab, that would be awesome.[/QUOTE]

Right! Cool! I’ll mark it! :happy:


Thanks for posting! I hope the little mermaid ride happens.


Hopefully most of that list is true. Fantasyland could use a rehab, focusing on refurbing each ride (inside and out) as well as adding a new attraction or two. The Star Tours 2.0 would also be a welcome addition.

What I’d love to see is for Disney to invest a ton of money into WDW, with the main focuses to be rehabs and new attractions. Rides like Peter Pan, Snow White, Jungle Cruise, and Tomorrowland Speedway could all use upgrades. The rumored additions of the Little Mermaid, Monsters Inc. coaster, and Mysterious Island (which is completely blue sky) would all help WDW.


I think the Star Tours renovation is EXCELLENT & very well needed. The Princess Diana museum is proably the strangest rumor I’ve heard in the past couple years (:huh:), & I DO NOT believe that the Little Mermaid dark ride is coming to WDW I REALLY thought it was a DCA-specific attraction.


I cant waite to see star wars.

it would be so cool to see three fantastic rides from disneyland paris introduced:-

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril

Crush’s Coaster!

Space Mountain: Mission 2

why they introduced lights camra action at DHS i have no idea when they could have had one of these rides


I agree, the Star Tours ideas are INCREDIBLE!!! That would make the ride SO much more fun to go on. Now it’s old and dated, IMHO.



[I]LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – The People’s Princess Charitable Foundation, Inc. (PPCF) is bringing “DIANA–The People’s Princess” – a major new exhibit of royal artifacts – to Walt Disney World Resort. Opening in early July 2009, this limited-time experience showcases the life and story of one of the most iconic and inspirational figures in recent history, including a sampling of the royal dresses Diana chose to auction for charity and hundreds of authentic artifacts relating to her life.

“DIANA–The People’s Princess” exhibit will be held in a 17,500-square-foot setting at Downtown Disney West Side adjacent to DisneyQuest. This unique exhibition is one of the largest collections of royal dresses and rare artifacts ever assembled for an American audience which provides an in-depth historical perspective of her life. The exhibit includes five rarely seen royal dresses worn by Princess Diana.

As part of this unique experience, guests will come to understand:

The stories of Diana’s own childhood and ancestry and how that lineage was influential in her selection as the future bride of HRH Charles, The Prince of Wales, the future King of England.

Her magical royal wedding which was viewed by over 750 million people from around the globe; her favorite role as “mum” to princes William and Harry.

Kensington Palace, the royal residence where Diana lived from the moment she became the Princess of Wales until her death and which today plays an active role in preserving her charitable legacy.

The historical significance of her role as Princess of Wales and the impact she had through that role on the fashion industry and charitable landscape.

How at the Christie’s “Sale of The Century,” 79 of Diana’s royal dresses were sold to benefit charities which helped position her as an astute philanthropist.

Her untimely passing and the massive media and public interest in the tragedy.

The charitable impact still being recognized through her gowns and personal effects.

A hint at some of the items on display:

Royal Doulton figurine of Diana in her wedding dress – Made in 1981 at the time of the royal wedding, the doll is wearing an exact replica of the famous wedding dress.

The Black Velvet “V” Neck – Designed by Bruce Oldfield and worn by Diana for her official royal portrait in 1985.

Wedding Breakfast booklet – Contains guest names and two tickets to observe the bride and bridegroom before and following the wedding ceremony in the quadrangle at Buckingham Palace and Clarence House.

Three-foot doll of Diana as a young girl – Released by the Great American Doll Company in 1998 as a tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales.

“The late Princess used her globally renowned platform brilliantly,” commented Maureen Rorech Dunkel, founder of PPCF. “She understood that the many different experiences she had in her life, both positive and negative, made her more relatable to the public. She used this quality to connect to the common masses and in doing so became known as ‘The People’s Princess.’ She used her compassion to bring support to all those in need and is still to this date, almost 12 years after her tragic passing, regarded as one of the most influential humanitarians of all time.”

“We look forward to The People’s Princess Charitable Foundation bringing this unique experience to our Downtown Disney guests,” said Kevin Lansberry, vice president of Downtown Disney. “We remain committed to offering guests new and exciting experiences they can only have at the Walt Disney World Resort.”

Tickets may be purchased at the exhibit – $14.50 (ages 10 and above), $5 (ages 3-9). The exhibition will be through Nov. 30, 2009. Hours are 11 a.m.-11 p.m. daily.[/I]


You can mark the Disneyland Hotel Renovation as true too. Anaheimboy posted about it earlier today.


I :heart: when rumors come true! :wub:


ME TOO!! Makes me think that the other things stand a good chance of coming true, too. :happy:


Wait, wait…what? The Little Mermaid ride is a go? In place of 20K Under the Sea? Didn’t they just add the Nemo ride there in DL? And WDW filled that pool in and made a Pooh playground…

I’ll buy everything else, but thats just confuses and baffles me. Are we talking about the Little Mermaid ride you could ‘preview’ on the latest DVD?


Supposedly the Magic Kingdom expansion (Little Mermaid, etc.) is a go from what I’ve been reading. Nothing official or close to 100% confirmed, but at least there is some buzz going around that we could in fact see some new stuff on the way.


They are working in the MK in the area of iasm. There was been a wall up when we were there in December. In the area the used to be a part of the Skyway.

(Plus - I gots an inside connection)


Omg these rumors are so exciting!!

I have been WAITING for ANY news about a Star Tours rehab - it’s true, the ride was supposed to be rehabbed/changed every few years after it opened. If they gave it an overhaul, it would be about stinking time! :laugh: And having all those different videos so you never know which ride you’re going to get? AMAZING. I LOVE IT. :heart:

DD2 will flip about The Little Mermaid ride. :laugh: As if there aren’t enough reasons that she already wants to go to DL or WDW…:rolleyes:

I am kind of sad about the DL Hotel rebuild just because I know I will not get a chance to stay there before it happens. It would have been cool to say I stayed there before it was completely different. That’s okay though!

I can’t wait to see how many of these come true!!


Where do I start?

The star tours would be a very welcome redo. My DS9 rides it over and over as it is, doesn’t realize how old it is.

You can do what you want in Toontown, just DO NOT MESS WITH Goofy’s Barnstormer. Roller Coaster DD7 will NOT be happy if anything happens to that.

Agree with another MB member - can’t see the old 20,000 leagues space redone for this Mermaid thing if it is a water/sub ride. I can see the character thing being removed (looks pretty temporary) but the lagoon was filled in.

Stich Supersonic - this was under construction during our 1 day-er in August. Got a peek at the stage from the TTA. Since the other amphitheater near Buzz Lightyear has been inactive for SOOOOO long, I thought this would be around for a while…

By the way, what are they doing with the old space near Buzz? That wasn’t clear when we saw it…