New Seuss Ride Opened


Great pics and a downloadable video of the new High In the Sky Seuss Trolly and Train Ride at IOA:

Also, there’s a new nightly fireworks/laser show in the lagoon in IOA, with a 360 degree “Cinesphere”: a globe that looks suspiciously similar to the globe in Illuminations!

Also, the new Bubba Gump Shrimp Co is opening in City Walk as well as another club: The Red Coconut Club.

Looks like Universal is really upping the competition this summer! Woo-hoo!


I never knew about this, thanks!
This will come in handy due to certain members of my family who are not very thrill-seeking.


Looks neat, do you know if it is fast? OMG I am getting so excited about going there in January!! We are planning on going to Islands of Adventure one day with a 9:00 ADR for Ohana’s!!


What’s a Universal? :huh: :wink:

Thanks for the info ddoll! :happy:


Hmmm, this is very tempting.


Wow!! Everytime we’ve gone to Universal, we’ve wondered why they didn’t do anything with that track! I’m so excited to check it out!!!


I haven’t been on it, but since it’s not a roller coaster but a trolley, I would have to assume it’s not really fast.


Thats cool, I saw them working on it when I was there in May. I’ll have to give it a spin in 08. :happy:


I love Seuss Landing! This looks very cute. Thanks for sharing.


Cool! I love Dr. Seuss!

The hotel where the Air Force is paying to keep me is a few blocks from Mulberry Street! As a matter of fact, Dr. Seuss was a native of Springfield MA.! :happy:


I have motion sickness and cannot go on anything fast so I am trying to figure out what I can ride in Islands of Adventure, not much I guess, LOL


I think it’s supposed to be similar to TTA (did I get that right) where you just take a leisurly ride through Dr. Seuss themed areas, and then see part of the park. It’s not supposed to be fast at all. Bubba Gump doesn’t open until 7/1, and the fireworks don’t satrt until then as well, so we’ll miss both of those by just a few days.


Well it’s about time they FINALLY did something with that track. It’s been there unused (at least for guests to ride) for almost 10 years… Seems cool… They needed more attractions in Seuss Landing…