New SF Restrooms open/DCA Work


The New Restrooms in the San Fransisco Area of DCA have opened up, they replaced the ones across the street where the new Little Mermaid Palace will be for the new dark ride/shops etc, New Sitting areas, ATM Area and such have also been built, the new restrooms/area look lovely and the row of facades have gotten some lovely work done to them, new planters added and fun gingerbread work/Etc! New Palm Trees are being put out up around the old XMAS Tree Point area and the fountain is coming along nicely/WOC area is coming along too…A LOT of work starts in the next few weeks! Whew!
King Tritons Carousel in PP will also be opening up this week too, it got some long needed TLC, Harbor Galley in Critter Country will also be opening up soon with a new menu as well and the Grand Californian Expansion/DVC Units are coming along nicely.
Check out today’s (5/18/09) update for pictures and more!

DCA’s new restrooms, Harbour Galley’s new menu, Grand Californian expansion, +MORE! - MiceChat