New Show Coming to Disney Parks this Fall!


[I]A live, rock-concert style show will blast popular music from a variety of Disney Channel hits, including the “High School Musical” series, “Camp Rock” and “StarStruck.” The show, which has yet to be officially named, will follow a format that is similar to “High School Musical 3: Senior Year – Right Here! Right Now!” The new show is scheduled to debut at [B]Disney California Adventure park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios on October 22.[/B]

In order to make way for this exciting addition, the Wildcats from [B]High School Musical will cheer in their last performance[/B] of “High School Musical 3: Senior Year – Right Here! Right Now!” at [B]Disney California Adventure park on October 17 and Disney’s Hollywood Studios on October 2[/B]. Don’t miss your last chance to sing, dance and cheer with the Wildcats before school’s back in session, but rest assured the Wildcats will be back in a new way on October 22.[/I]

Honestly I think the “Wildcats” have had their day in the Sun . . . unless they come out with a new movie, well at least my DDs have lost interest.

I always LOVE new things, so I can’t wait to see it! :heart:


I agree. HSM is so yesterday!:laugh:My kids are really over Camp Rock too, and I’m not sure what Starstruck is.:blush:


Starstruck is last Summer’s Disney Movie, with the kid from Sonny with a chance. Camp Rock 2 comes out in September, so that will help.


sounds terrible


I don’t remember Starstruck last summer. I’ll have to ask my kids.


lame lame lame


OK I was wrong . . . it was out in May?? Seems like it was long ago? :blush:

Here is the link: StarStruck (2010) (TV)