New Show


Ok, so I probably shouldnt post on this board as a CP, but I heard this rumor from a guest, so I think its ok! Rumor has it that the new show on the Tomorrowland Stage will be “High School Musical: Live!” I cant confirm for sure, but that was the word on the street at MK today!


That is the rumor…it’s also in the unofficial guide to WDW so I think it’s pretty much a sure thing. It’s suppose to start with the new celebration in October.


Don’t tell my 4 year old. She watched High School Musical with my 11 year old. Now she makes me play the CD everyday. I liked the songs for the first 100 times.


I won’t tell your 4 year old if you don’t tell my 12 year old…she is in love with at least two of the characters and sings the songs until I want to pull out my own hair…lol


Let’s not forget the dance at the end that they all seem to have perfected. LOL


Sadly enough, I know it too…lol It was a cute movie and if done right, should make a really cute show at the MK. I have a feeling that my DD will figure out it’s there and force me to see it at least once…lol


I’m sure I will be there to. And don’t feel bad, I think I know the dance too. My 11 year old told me they are talking about making a sequel. Although I cannot imagine it being as good as the first.


I have not seen this film, but how does it fit in with Tomorrowland?

(And while where on the subject, how does Nemo fit in at Dinoland?)


Hi i haven’t seen the film either ! ( it comes out on the 22) but i love the songs so !.
Yeah !!!


Haha! Someone please hide this info from Sissy, too! :laugh:

Sooooaaaaaaaarrrin, FLyyyy-yinn’


Actually, I hope it’s open when we go - she’d get a kick out of seeing it.


I found the piano music to the whole show at the Contemp, and that is how I’m getting her to learn to play! :laugh: ONe day, she’ll work up to “High School Musical” Status! :heart:

I’ve never seen her so crazy over a show, before…she’s only 9. It’s kinda funny, and yes, VERY annoying! LOL!


Cool… thanks for the info.



I am addicted to it! I can’t change it everytime it’s on. L:heart: VE it!!!


is that what the stage is for between fanntasyland and tomorrowland? i saw it over the weekend, and had no idea what it was for.


They use that stage for a bunch of things. I’ve seen bands play there, but during MVMCP they have a huge stage show there. It’s ADORABLE!!! :wub:

(wait, maybe I’m thinking of a different stage! this stage is near Buzz Lightyear)


My sister is such a CRAZED FANATIC! :blink: :pinch:

She sings and listens to the soundtrack every…single…day…


i can’t wait.


This show will take place on the Buzz stage, I’m not sure how it fits in w/ tomorrowland, but we’ll see! :laugh:


Perhaps it will be set in the future, like Partridge Family 2200 A.D.

truly, that would be most fearful