New Smyrna Beach


We decided to visit both coasts during our ‘budget’ vacation. On day 5 we drove up to New Smyrna Beach around 10:30 am. It took alittle over an hour from Kissimmee, Best Western Lakeside. We missed the rush hour, and actually the west bound side of the highways was all clogged up, but ours was smooth sailing!

I enjoyed the shallow warm water. People walked waaay out into the water and it was just up to their hips! The waves were awesome, too. This seems like a nice family beach and I would definately return again. The main restroom building (Dunno whatelse to call it) was large and pretty clean, and then the little street leading toward the beach had shop after shop, quaint little bars and coffee shops, in all the expected Florida colors and attitudes. Wonderful way to spend the day!

pix are on Florida June 09 - a set on Flickr


The beach sounds nice. I will have to remember it.


Haven’t been to New Smyrna Beach in ages, my cousin used to live near there! Forgotten how nice!


Great. Sounds like a nice change.


I believe we have gone there before and had so much fun, we are definitely going to do it again, this year!


Sound like a great day… but mention New Smyrna to DH and he hears “STOCK CAR RACING”.

Gotta keep it quiet - shhhhh!


Ah the beach. Sounds like a perfect getaway!


If you do actually want to get lunch there, we asked the guys who worked there and they recommended the taco bar as having great mexican/bar food. It’s just a short walk from the gateway. Or, maybe you’ve already tried it! hehe!