New soarin'


Hi all, so I am getting close to my 1 year away from returning so of course am getting a quick fix from you tube on all the rides. Having seen soarin’, i get a little feel for the new imagery but can anyone tell me, are there still any fragrances pumped out like before?? eg the eucalyptus and orange groves…


wow…211 views and zero replies?!? not even a hello?? Definitely not the mousebuzz I remember from years ago.


I can let you know in a few weeks. However, I have read there are still smells in the new version. I was lucky enough to get to see the old Soarin’ in June. I’m going to miss it but I’m looking forward to seeing the new Soarin’.


wrong thread…


[QUOTE=ARIEL;1919095638]wow…211 views and zero replies?!? not even a hello?? Definitely not the mousebuzz I remember from years ago.

My 2 page trip report had 850 views and one comment.


oh that would be great. I loved the original Soarin’ but I am open to seeing something new. I hope the smells are still included though. I am pleased that the original safety VT is the same mind you? Gotta love Patrick :slight_smile:


really?? i cant work out if thats sad or just plain rude jo-jo …maybe both x


Been a while. Hope everyone is great.

Very excited to see this!!!


Umm… Hi?


Hey Boss Mouse, hope all is well. Maybe the remaining MBers should just start our own website?


Hahaha…i’ve missed you :slight_smile:


we need to get the word out to get everyone back Skwak :slight_smile:


I too have not heard if the new Soarin has the smells. We were there in April and got to see the original but no smells. We were told by CM’s that they were preparing for the new video. We will be there in August and I can let you know then.


if it doesn’t have smells now, wait till October …


I knew YOU would be the one with that comment.

I heard the orange scent is gone. Guess we’ll have to wait until Disneyteacher gets back.

Concerning my TR…I can only guess that lots of nonmembers read it, so they couldn’t comment. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.


Funny I was at Disneyland in June and they brought back the old Soarin’ but it had no scents. I was like what the ****…


awesome, thank you :slight_smile:


really? that’s like a major part of its charm for me :confused:


Agreed! It was nice to see the classic though!! :smile:


We will be there in about 100 days… we will find out then. can’t wait to see the new version