New sofa beds


Has anyone had a chance to sleep on the new sofa beds disney put in the rooms? i am going in Sept, and i will have 2 adults on a sofa bed @ beach club.


I haven’t stayed at Beach Club since last summer and we had an older sofa bed in our room. We stayed at SSR in May and had a really nice sofa bed there. It was different than the typical fold out bed, it had 3 foam pieces that were on something like a board. It was very firm and didn’t have that bar in the middle that so many beds have. I slept on it one night when my DH was sick and it was very comfortable.


I’m wondering what those fold out chair and ottoman beds are like in the new all star suites. They really don’t look all that comfortable. Then again, we are usually so tired at the end of the day we just collapse so maybe we wouldn’t notice. LOL


Im interested to find this out as well. I wanted to know cause my DH has a bad back a