New Southwest Fares out!


Sandy just got 4 one way Web fares for $105 each at the Southwest site.

$459 for two people, round trip, non-stop. I can deal with that.


I just checked the website and I could only book thru 8/22 still. What’s up? I am ready to book!


Nevermind, I can now book thru 10/30. When I looked the first time, it said I could only book until 8/22.
We did better on prices last year. I think I am going to give it a little more time, and wait for a ding!


did you put in the promotion code at the home page of DING15

that gives 15% off the fare.


Like i said on another thread,I don’t understand why SW books this way,making people wait and wait and wait.


Is that cheap for SW? I booked two rt tickets for our dd and dgd on Midwest Airlines and only paid $429 for both. I booked them back in January and glad I did. Like so many other airlines, the rates have gone way up since then. Because of FF’s. my dh and I fly free.:rolleyes:



This will our first time flying SW.

Just booked our flight at $105.00 each way also!!!


it was a special Web Fare. So $105 is decent. I can’t imagine it getting too much better than that without a promotion code. I’m an idiot that’s paid as much as $700 for 2 people to go to florida in the past so i’ll take $459 gladly :mickey:


Oh another thing. Last year we thought we’d be smart and frugal and wait it out for a little while and ended up going with Delta for the first time ever. We ended up saving a whole $6 and got nothing but reschedules, cancellations and more assorted grief. Never again will we stray from Southwest. Even if it costs me a few more $$ in two months if the fares drop a bit, i have the tickets now, they’re paid for and the wife is HAPPY!

That alone makes it worth it.


Wow, I can get four round trip tickets for $668. After reading the excitement over $105 a ticket, I guess I should jump on $73. :mellow:


We made that mistake once too and we’ll never do it again. Southwest is our first and only choice.


I used the DING! this morning and got 2 round-trip for a total of $365! Much better than Airtran or Delta.