New Space Mountain


I was surprised by a comment that Soundgod made about the new Space Mountain in DL.

It’s the same layout??? :confused:

I was under the impression that Disney dropped the the floor to make a taller coaster and that they were completely redesigning the ride.

Was I wrong?


Well, I was only on the “old” DL Space Mountain version twice, and experienced the NEW version this past June. I don’t know much about the track replacement, or not, but I will say it was 100x’s smoother, MUCH darker, the lighting effects seems crisper, the sound was a lot clearer but I will say I REALLY REALLY missed the Dick Dale surf music. There is something about surf guitar that fits so perfectly with surfing through space. :tongue:

There is A LOT of Space Mountain technical and general information here:
Space Mountain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


when are the redoing the one in WDW?


Please, no:ohmy: --it’s classically perfect!


If they made SM a smoother ride I may start enjoying it again. Lately I feel like I have whiplash when I get off! :laugh:


The DL Space Mt. is the same layout, but they just re-did the entire track. So the ride is the same, but since the track is new it is a much smoother ride. And the soundtrack has changed as well.


I suppose that’s ok then. At the very least, I’m sure it will mean few breakdowns. :happy:

AFAIK, the WDW version is slated for a similar makeover next year. Can anyone confirm that?


I might be crazy, but there is no soundtrack in the WDW version, right?


The Space Mountain’s are very different. They had a soundtrack for the original DL version, but always had problems with it. The biggest reasons for rebuilding it we the rough ride and to add all sorts of new on ride special effects. It wasn’t even in soft opening last June when I was at DL, so I can’t say. As for Orlando’s Space Mountain, I have not heard any rumbles in the coaster community about it being rebuilt. And I don’t think there has ever been any sort of on ride music or sounds on Space Mountain, other than the blast-off tunnels in Orlando.


Soundgod, are you friends with CoasterDan and CoasterJan?


No ‘might’…you are crazy!!:laugh: And that’s why I love ya!


Actually, they have had more problems with the new soundtrack and speaker systems than they used to. :huh: There was no music at all for most of the soft openings and there were a lot of problems right after it officially re-opened. I don’t ever recall hearing about any problems with the old soundtrack and never noticed them myself during my many rides… But I could be wrong.


In august the WDW version will be redone completely. Meaning they are tearing it down and rebuilding from scratch. so it will be down for a long time i am guessing. But that is in august.


Aren’t we in August?:huh:


One track at WDW is much more exciting than the other. Do you remember which one?


August 2007 sorry


Best I can tell this is a strong rumor–no official announcements.

Changing the original will be as dumb as “new Coke” was. This attraction gets as long a lines as any other attraction in the World, with a legion of fanatical devotees. Yes, it’s bumpy, no soundtrack, no big drops, and not as dark as the other SM’s, but it’s awesome. If I want new, fast, smooth, and loud music, I can just over to DS and ride RRC.


august this year or august next???


:laugh: OK, well…ya know…it takes one to know one…



i wanted to see the new space mountain songs in WDW. I :heart: space Mountain.:mickey: