"new" stuff to do?


Our next trip will be in June of 2010 way too far away but anyway, I sometimes feel like we do alot of the same things when we go to Disney, NOT THAT I’M COMPLAINING!!! :ohmy: I love all the things we do buuuttt I know we are missing out on a lot too. I never knew about the camp fire w/ Chip and Dale, or that you could go to the beaches at the resorts and watch the fire works :redface:.
It makes me wonder what else is out there :huh:!?!?!?!
I’d love some ideas. We are going w/ my family (about 25 of us) so I’d love to be able to do out of the “norm” stuff with them.
ya know making memories!! :laugh::laugh::laugh:
Thanks everyone!!

By the way I finished the “Hidden Magic of Walt Disney world” in 2 days it was great!! Need to get new read:laugh:


You can also watch the Electrical Water Parade from one of the beaches on the rail.
Something else we do is on first day there always go to as many resorts before dark just to check out the different themes for possible future stays. Some pretty amazing stuff at some of them. And of course while there DH would have to christen the bar,lol.


After visiting WDW too many times to count, we make it a mission each time to do something new. This last trip we watched Story time with Belle and the Move It Shake It Celebrate It Parade for the first time.


Where we try to go everyother year we tend to always find something new to do and or see. Disney is changing so much which does keep it fresh but yet so familiar


Last year we went to the chip and dale for the first time and loved it! Also, we rode the train in AK to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. It was okay…We are doing some new character breakfasts this trip, and I hope to ride the paddle boat for the first time this year too. (Oh, and we went to Tom Sawyer Island for the first time, and the Nemo show…)


When we went trip before last I think, we sat on the beach after dinner one night and it was really nice watching the fireworks. Especially when you’re all full of food and sleepy. Def. try that!


OH! and I forgot Kim Possible Adventure and Animal Kingdom’s Picnic in the Park…these will both be new this year and look like alot of fun!


Not sure about something for your whole family, maybe a friendship boat for Illuminations, do tehy still do that? But for the children, our kids liked doing the Alice In Wonderland Tea Party at the Grand Floridian. We spent an hour alone! This year they are doing the Albatross Cruise out of Beach club. It is down time for us, and new adventure time for them. The Tea Party they say is one of their favorite memories! I hope they enjoy this one too!

Oh yeah, a kind of hidden gem is the Dance Party at Playhouse Disney. On the nights that Hollywood Studios does Evening Extra Magic Hours, stroll by Playhouse Disney. It is unadvertised but there is supposed to be a DJ inside and you can dance all evening with tons of different characters! That would be fun, and could create tons of memories!


Mini Golf was something we finally did last trip and absolutly loved it, so next trip we want to try the other courses! We also like trying new places to eat (there are so many, it’ll take a while to run out! and thank you free dining for helping us with this lol) and also, we’re going on the ‘Keys to the Kingdom’ tour finally! Ive been begging to do this for years and finally get the chance! There are a few tours to choose from too so you could always look at doing one or two. Theres also the new, ‘characters in flight’ balloon ride at DTD that looks fantastic and will give some great views to those who like heights.
Don’t forget the HUGE DTD refurb taking place, there will be a whole lot of new shops and places to eat when you get there!