New SW rule change coming in Jan


I had just rebook our flights to an earlier time and noticed this little tidbit at the bottom of the page.
Effective January 28, 2011, unused travel funds may only be applied toward the purchase of future travel for the individual named on the ticket.[/B]

In the past anyone could use the credit. Most of the time we would use it ourselves but we have given a credit to our kids to use. Still a lot better than any other airline in my opinion.


That stinks. We’ve never had unused travel funds but it was nice to know if we did we could pass it on to a friend who may be able to use it.


Thanks for passing this along~ DH got a credit from SW when the price dropped on our flight to Orlando for September. I’ll be sure to let him know!
Thanks again!!


Oh well. I was always surprised they allowed this anyway.


I was too.


Thanks so much for posting, I have done this many times and had not heard anything about this.


Thanks for sharing. We should be ok because we travel so much but what more could I ask for than another excuse to go to WDW…“But DH we will lose the credit if we don’t use it. It would be a shame to lose that money when we could go back to WDW for only $ more”.:biggrin:


Can you fill me in on how this all works? We never fly Southwest only because they do not have direct flights. Continental who we usually fly used to issue travel credits but hasn’t for some time so it might be worth us looking into this for the future but I am unsure how it works and how it will change with the new rule?