New T-shirt store in DTD


Has anyone been to the new T-shirt design store in Downtown Disney? I’m interested to see about designs available, prices, etc. Was it a fun experience? Anyone have pictures?

Thanks in advance!


We just looked around. I found this it has info and pictures.
Laughing Place Lotion: Inside the new Disney’s Design-A-Tee Shop (Laughing Place Lotion) - Disney World, Disneyland and More


I did it last month when I went for DD’s birthday. We had a bday tshirt made. I think it was a little hectic…they need a “pick up area” and a buying area. The Thirt was no more money than buying one in the parks…around $26 or something. Totally fun to make, but the buying experience was a little annoying. They have one computer at the front desk and people try to make their t-shirts on that one holding up the entire line while they do so. Especially if they are super stupid like the woman who was using it when I was there. They should have cms walking around to help the challenged people. Go in the AM when it first opens…shirt takes about an hour or so.


We were in there in January. It was not busy. We were the only customers. I had some questions, but obviously the older gentleman/CM wasn’t interested in answering them, so we left.


Thanks for the info and the link. That’s exactly what I was looking for!

I am sure it will be busier when we go in June, and hopefully, full of friendlier CMs. Thanks again.


It looks like a real cool store.


It definately is cool. I just think that they need to work out the new store kinks and it will be just fine. I have all confidence that Disney will have it running smoothly in no time.


Also at, you can go to the disney store and design you’re own tee, with any letters, pictures, and colors. You can put any graphic or letter wherever you want on the shirt, in any size! It’s really cool. I’m probably going to make one for my next trip!


The store was open New Years Eve when I was there and I regret not going in and checking it out. The kids were super hype from the candy store so I kept on walking. I do want to make a bday shirt for my DD while we are there.