New Temporary Parking Lot


The new Temporary Parking lot to go on the current Strawberry Fields on Harbor Boulevard have been approved by the Anaheim City Council, the new temporary lot will add almost 3,000 additional parking spaces to the Resort and the temporary lot is slated to last 6-10 years, until the new parking structure on Disney Way is able to be built, so as you can see for anyone wondering, the possibility of a 3rd park wont be down the road for another 6-10 years (and like I said before, nothing is certain until DCA starts doing well once the renovation of the park is complete…and the current projects and finished refurbishments already have more people coming into DCA, which is a very good thing so early into the main project :smile:)


I have noticed just about every attraction is being refurbished. Grant it, some are due to the upcoming Halloween promotional, but others is not. Is it for the beginning of the new theme for next year? For example, Instead of “The year of a million dreams” or “Celebrate?” Just curious.


Attractions are being refurbished right now because the main summer season is drawing to a close which means a refurbishment period starts at the resort before the holiday season arrives.


Do they do this every year? I understand that some attractions go through this for the holiday changes, but it appears that just about every attraction, since the start of the year, has been getting it’s touch of refurbishments.


They will normally do this every year yes, most refurbishments will take place after the holiday season in Jan and Feb but refurbishments also happen between the end of the summer season and the winter season, and now that the resort has good management, it doesnt take years for an attraction to get the care it needs like it use to back in the Pressler era hack