New Thing in MGM


I just read this on another site. I don’t know if it has already been posted here, if so sorry! Not sure if it is true or not, but thought i would post it here.
I heard that “Midway Mania” is officially a go for the Studios. (and also DCA)
“It will be replacing Millionaire and the soundstages.
It will be a dark ride, a cross between Buzz and sort of like Spider-Man
It will be a 3-D virtual reality environment.
There will be 10 – 12 different scenes.
It will be themed after Toy Story Characters
It will be a shooting game where everyone will score points.
Each character will introduce the object of their game.
Like the Green Army Man Commander would say “Alright Men, the object is to shoot as many moving tanks as you can” (just a example) and you will shoot in 3-D.
Then Woody would introduce another game but it would be in a Western setting or ghost town, etc. ( I don’t know all the specifics)
But the vehicles won’t rotate like in Buzz.
They will be 8 person vehicles, 4 on each side
They will be back to back facing outboard and be playing the same game
They said it is going to take tremendous amount of computing power and basically software based hardly any physical sets.”

I think this will be cool, although I will be a little sad to see the millionaire game go!!!


Did they say when?


That sounds like a blast. My DS loves Buzz so this is perfect for him.


I hate to admit that I’ve NEVER seen Millionaire!!! :ninja: I would definitely want to check that out before they get rid of it. Other than that, this new ride sounds very cool!!! :cool:


The site says not until 2008, because Millionaire will still be open for like 9 more months or something, I can link the thread if you all want me to"?


Bummer… it sounds like a blast


I’d love to see the link, Jen. Sounds very cool!


Link us, baby!!! :c)

Sounds like a GREAT thing to do with that area!


Ok I am linking you all, LOL
This is a link to another forum, so I hope it is okay that I link it, And some disney lovers beware some people in this thread are not so nice!!!


I wonder how true this actually is. I mean…although it’ll be different because of the whole “virtual” elements, it kinda sounds very similar to Buzz over at MK. Do y’all think they would actually put in another “laser tag” kinda attraction?


who knows? I just thought that you all would like to see a possible thing that is happening at Disney. I know that my friend who is a CM in MGM said that Millionaire would not be there for much longer! It sounds very similair to the Buzz ride though!


I just wanted to add that in that link I linked you to there is patent information on this ride!


Oh, I definitely appreciate you sharing the info. It actually sounds cool to me… I was just thinking that it did sound similiar to Buzz and wondered if WDW would countinue with a project that has such a similar idea…

Great reporter work though… :biggrin:


LOL!!! You’re right it does sound very similair and I would much rather check out rumors, than clean my house!!!


I totally agree… I’d rather read about WDW on the net instead of answer 911 calls…but my bosses look down at that sort of thing… :laugh:


LOL, to funny! I think I would rather you answer the 911 calls!


As far as I know Midway Madness IS for real and not just rumored. I know the idea was being kicked around but it was never confirmed if it was green lighted or not. The only thing that I NEVER heard about it was that it was going to be a “shooting” game. I thought it was just going to be a Toy Story dark ride.

Anyone heard the rumors about the Nightmare Before Christmas attraction for MGM?


No but I hope they’re true! :wub:


Can they please replace the Drew Carey Sounds attraction. Good lord! That’s the worse attraction in WDW!


:laugh: Yeah I have to agree, that thing is getting quite OLD. :pinch:

Anyone have a clue if they are planning on bringing the same type of attraction over here to DCA? Millionaire has been gutted out here for a while, and there have only been fleeting rumors about what they’re going to do with it. There was rumored to be a Narnia attraction for a while, but that fizzled when they brought out the White Witch for meet n’ greets and then decided that buzz was over with. (Maybe in time for the next Narnia though?)

Midway Madness sounds pretty cool…I hope it’s not TOO much like Buzz, but I do love Buzz so I guess something similar would be great!