New Thread:Do you do back-up ADRs


Yes, I know, there seemed to be a thread like this already, but it was old, what they call a zombie thread. So some of us made a little noise and got the old one locked for freshness sake.
Seeing how there have been others posting their thoughts on this subject and because it is somewhat relevant, I’m starting a new thread about back up ADRs.

Let the comments begin.


Nope, we don’t do back up ADRs. We’re pretty flexible and seem to be able to work around our ADRs even when our plans change once we get to WDW.


I thought it was ok to do every random once in awhile, like if you had plans that were on shakey ground. Like one time we had a big family gathering (12 people), and we were afraid some members of the family would crash the plans, so we made a backup just for the two of us. ALTHOUGH, the moment I knew one wasn’t going to be used I called and cancelled. Good thing we had the back-up b/c naturally his family decided they didn’t want to go, so I had to call and cancel the 12 people one. Daniel and I dined alone, while they all had to eat hot dogs somewhere b/c they were too indecisive.

I would never do it for the reason of “hmm, not sure what we’ll feel like on this day so let’s make 2!” That’s just kinda inconsiderate in my opinion.

Otherwise, I’d only do it if I knew there could be party complications & cancel the other one right away.


I haven’t as of yet. But I wouldn’t mind if others do. If I needed to I would. We are also pretty flexible and usually seem to get the adr’s we want. My persistant brain won’t let me get to far without getting what I want.


“the idea does have merit”… we haven’t been yet where we couldn’t improvise…


Making ONE is tough for me to do . . . I only even MAKE ADRS if I know it’s a special occasion . . . it’s more fun for us to pick up the phone and say . . . so in one hour, where can we go for breakfast?

We can never ALL agree where to go so this works for us! We let “fate” decide! :laugh: :laugh:


We never do.
I don’t think we’ve even ever missed or cancelled one of our ADR’s


I have never done it and hope it doesn’t become a habit for a lot of people. But I can see there may be circumstance every once in a while where it may be prudent for a particular set of people, so wouldn’t begrudge them making a back up ADR for that particular situation.


I have never done it.


Nope, sure don’t. Honestly, I don’t like the idea at all. Those ADR’s can be difficult to get as we all know. To hold on to more than one at a time, is selfish to me. I understand that some have reasons, just my thoughts on the subject. We also try to be considerate and call if we plan to be a no show as well.


I can see both sides of the coin…

I can see people saying its selfish if you do it. I guess my feelings on that is don’t do it.


I can also see Wishy’s reasons and I totally get it.

I personally have never made ADRs till this upcoming trip so my answer is no I don’t…but if I was put into a situation calling for it I would.

Ummmm, I just re read this and I realized that I did not take an actual position :blush:

Thats my story and I’m sticking to it! :redface:



Haven’t done it, no. But I don’t see a problem with it if there is a good reason to do so (ie: Wishy’s example above). But generally, I’m not sure why one would do it since ADRs can be hard to come by sometimes and we all know how much they are needed these days!


I have only did backup reservations once, and canceled the one we decided against about two days before hand.


I have never even thought to make back up ADRs.I only make one set and stick to them.Its pretty hard to get ADRs these day, so I don’t think back up are a good idea.


I’d do it if i was far enough out and trying to secure somewhere hard to get. such as making one for Lecellier for 4:15, and keeping it, even though i was still trying to get it for another time. then cancelling that early adr. does that count as back up adrs? if so, yep, i’d do it, on special occasions.

as for just making several for same day/times, so i can be more fly by the seat of my pants while there…nope, not for me to do.


Nope…we’ve never done that either.


Just some 411 for the people that are thinking about doing backing up ADRs… When you call to make them it all depends on the cast member you talk to as to whether they will let you make the back up ADRs. I used to work that line and i personally didn’t have a problem with the guest calling in and making them but i would advise them to cancel as soon as they knew they wouldn’t use it. Also if you are looking to make back up ADRs for either a popular dining experience or during peak season the cast member will more then likely not let you make back up plans… sorry but like i said it just depends on the time and the cast member. hope this helps for people thinking about it. As for me… I have never done it. we like calling right from the park we are in to see where we can dine!


can’t say we ever have really. It takes so long to arrange the ones we really DO want! :laugh: . I think, if you have a real good reason in which to do this then ok, as long as you cnacel the one you don’t want in plenty of time. To not to do this would be 100% unacceptable. I think it has become quite hard since the dining plan has come into effect for some people to get reservations for where and when they want so for fellow guests to take reservation space up just because it gives them more ‘options’ for example is just wrong.


Wait, this is my thread, and I haven’t posted since I started it.

I have only made a back up reservation a few times. This has only been because I really wanted to eat somewhere else, but that was unavailable. Hence the backup. I would keep trying to get the place I really wanted. If I wind up being unable to get that place or time, I just use my backup. If I do get the place I want, I cancel the “backup”.
There have also been times on the day off, that I decide on something else. If the new choice is available, I take it and cancel to original.


I’ve never made back up ressies, but I’ve never had a CM question me when I was trying for a different place when I already had a meal. Unless of course, if I didn’t say “ok, now I need to cancel at XXXX”, maybe at that point at CM would jump in and say “you can’t hold two ressies at the same time” A few trips ago, we thought we had a dinner ressie on tues and wed. Later double checking on the numbers, it turned out we had 2 meals on one night 15 mins apart. No one said anything. (we were able to get that fixed to the right days)