New timeline for the Fantasyland Expansion


Fantasyland Expansion Timeline Update! | Chip and Company

I don’t know if this has been posted or not, but I found this on Facebook.


We were hoping more would be open by Easter, oh well, it gives us an excuse to go back.


i’m hoping that there will be a lot more completed by the time we get there in August 2012…I am of course expecting quite a lot of boards ’ for your future enjoyment’ blah blah blah to be in place but I am also hopeful that there will be a lot completed too. How exciting!!!:happy:


Wondering what late 2012 means? we arrive September 14th next year hope the 2nd part is open then :frostyang


P.S thanks for posting:wub:


WOW! It looks like it may take two EMH morning to hit all those great things to come plus what is already there to enjoy. Thanks for posting this!


This is getting VERY exciting!!:happy:


I have been promised the rights to take DGS when he turns 5. So that will be 2014, sounds like everything should be up and running by then and lord knows I will be ready! ! ! !

With all these changes I might even be able to talk my youngest DD into going with us.

Thanks for the update,


just been watching the Orlando Attractions Magazine youtube show and they talk to an imaginer they talk about 2014 for the mine train opening. i hope this is wrong… have a look at the Link below,

The Show - Sept. 1, 2011 - Orlando Attractions Magazine - Episode 39 - YouTube!


this looks incredibly cool!! With double dumbo I might actually be able to ride it finally LOL!!!


so when they say late 2012 for the beauty and the beast area, is that like thanksgiving/christmas or like end of august when i will be there lol. this is my first trip ever to disney. i am soooooooooooo excited :smiley:


Welcome to Mousebuzz! I honestly have no idea what “late” means - I think they don’t even know for sure, so that’s their way of making sure they are safe either way - it could be end of summer/sept or end of the year/December.

THis is a great website - you’ll have lots of fun planning and getting info for your 1st trip!!


it seems so overwhelming to plan all this! i dont even know where to start!


Do not worry- we can help!


Looks so exciting! I can’t wait for all the new changes!! I hope I will be able to see both the early 2012 and the late 2012 plans coming out!