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Hi everyone,

This is my first family trip to Disney, my first thread and I am so excited I have found this site. Everyone here seems to be more informative then the CSR’s at the Disney #.

I plan on staying at AKL concierge and I was wondering from any of your past experiences, what my chances are on getting a room with a bunk. The CSR will only tell me that on that level, they are not a guarantee. She said I can put a request on my reservation and also call 30 days ahead and speak with concierge. I need this type of room because my children are 17 and 12 and will not sleep in the same bed comfortable.

Any input I would be so thankfull for.


If I were you I would call the 30 days then about 15, then about 5 and then the day before. That way they all get the point that it is important. I completely understand b/c our first visit, that is exactly what my brother & I had to do and we HATED it! Concierge level you should be having that extra special treatment. I went on our honeymoon and didn’t care for the room they gave us, they switched us into a honeymoon suite! It was great. So even if you don’t get it when you get there, see if its possible to switch once you’ve arrived.


Remy, welcome to MB!

I think that if you continue to call back several times and kindly explain the situation to them, they will make every effort to se ethat your family is comfortable! Especially on the concierge level! Good luck!


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Well… I’m not sure the chances. Bunk room is an option when booking… it’s a bit more expensive. I’m sure with concierge level you’ll get priority over other guests. The bunks aren’t too comfy, but it’s better than sleeping with sibs (of course… I actually prefer a firmer mattress). However, depending on height, it may be a tiny stretch for 17 and 12 year olds.


Man I sware my Mom taught me manners but when I get thinking DISNEY it all goes out the window! I apoligize…WELCOME to MB!
Have you thought about a 1 bedroom villa? It would have a master bedroom and then the living area has a pull out couch and pull out chair if I remember correctly!


I too have no answer for you, but wanted to say Welcome to MouseBuzz. When is your trip? Any questions, be sure to ask. You’ll get all the answers right here.:wub:


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Ditto what gemdisney said. Be persistant, it still won’t be guaranteed, but at least you are being pro-active.

So when are you going???

How many Days?

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Ask any questions, we will try and answer!!


You are right . . . this is the place to get answers to all your Disney questions AND get pumped for your trip . . . make sure you check out the TRs there is so much to see and do for a first timer!!

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I’ve stayed in the bunk room at WL and those beds are pretty small. My DS was 14 at the time and it was snug. Not miserable, but not too roomy. He’s a very tall kid though.

Good luck with your planning.


Hiya Remy - Welcome. You found the best place on the internet

Trip report reading should be a requirement for first timers :wink:
Ask as many questions as you want, there’s always someone around that has the answer or solution to a problem here :smile:


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I agree that you need to continue to call multiple times to ensure they have your request on file. Especially the day or two before. I think I read/heard it is about 3 days prior they really start doing the room assignments.

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Hi welcome to MouseBuzz!!! We are staying at AKL this august. I don’t know the answer to your question but I agree with everyone else about being persistent but also polite. Good Luck I’m sure you’ll have a great time no matter what.


Hi Remy and welcome! You’ll find this site is a wonderful source of community and information.

I second Brian’s comment - above all, be polite :flowers: , even when you’re being persistent! :whistling

Have a great time!


Welcome to MB Remy!! I am happy to say that we were in a concierge level bunk bed room in January.

Two things: my 12 year old actually slept on the floor because the bunk bed was uncomfortable. He is not big- barely 5 feet and 95 pounds. My 7 year old loved the top bunk, and slept with no problems…

“Kel” was our favorite concierge. He was excellent and not snobby in any way. I would call him specifically, and see what he recommends about guaranteeing a bunk bed room. Concierge level is so much more expensive, that this request shouldn’t be a problem.


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I have never stayed there but I hope you all have fun!


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Remy, welcome to MB. But you should be aware we really only discuss Universal Studios on this discussion board. I don’t think anyone here can help you with a Disney question.


Welcome Remy- can’t help either but just wanted to welcome you to MB!