New to MB!


Hi,I am new to the board and I just wanted to introduce myself. Maybe you can all introduce yourself back so we can kind of get to know each other?
I am Lamont.I am newbie here.I am 25 years old.I love playing games and see beautiful places.Every weekend for me full of fun activities.Flying with Peter Pan to escaping the yetis in the Matterhorn.
I hope can share so many things with you people.


Welcome to MB!!! Hope you find everything you need here. We are a great bunch of people so enjoy your time and hope we can help in whatever questions you have.


Hello Lamont…welcome to Mousebuzz…:mickey:


Welcome to Mousebuzz!


Run Lamont, while there is still time…

Just kidding, we are a good bunch of people. Strange and a little broken from time to time, but a great group none the less.



Strange and a little broken??? A LITTLE??? Should we hand out the warnings now???


Hi and welcome to MB. My name is Cyndi and I’m a bit older than 25 lol. I love Mickey Mouse and Mudbugs (aka as crawfish). Living in the south and loving every minute of it. This is the best group of Disney fans I’ve came across yet. Everyone is helpful and very friendly. Hope you’ll stick around to see for yourself.
Peter Pan is one of my fav’s too.


Welcome to MB!!


Welcome to Mousebuzz, my real name is Shannon, and I’m just a tad over 25 too. I live in Northern NJ. One of my favorite things to do is go to Walt Disney World.


Welcome to MB. We have fun around here. Get comfortable and join in when you want.


Hi Lamont,
My name is Bax, go figure, and I’m just a wee bit older than dirt. :pirate: This is a fine group of folks so please feel welcomed here.


Hello Lamont and welcome to MB!


Welcome to Mousebuzz, Lamont!


Welcome Lamont. We are happy to have you!




Welcome to MouseBuzz!


Thanks everyone…nice to meet with you people…


Welcome to Mousebuzz:heart:


welcome to MB!!! :happy:


Welcome to MB!