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Hello Ladies and Gents!
I’m a Disneyland lover for sure and I can’t wait to talk to everyone on here and learn some new tips, secrets, deals, and just plan fun facts from all of you! I’m a mother of 2 kids (4 and 2) whom also LOVE Mickey and Minnie. I just threw them a Mickey and Minnie theme party. We wanted to take them for the first time this Thanksgiving but we thought we would wait to take them when CARs Land opens up next year. My son loves all the CAR’s movies. I’m thinking about planning a trip for my husband and I for our anniversary in November, however nothing in stone yet. My husband works for PG&E and is such a hard worker and never gets a vacation. I’m a stay at home mom so you can imagine how many vacations we go on (none) lol. My dream Disneyland trip would be to take my husband and into club 33. I know I dream big but you never know what can happen when your in Disneyland! Can’t wait to head to DL again and to talk to all of you!

Below I attached my Mickey and Minnie Candy table I did for the kids!


woops forgot about these!


Welcome to MB. Your party table looks great! What a wonderful job you did. I bet everyone had a lot of fun.


Welcome! I love your candy table!


Wow. Where did you find mickey candy for the cupcakes? Did you make the lollipops yourself?


Welcome to mousebuzz!!!:mickey:


Welcome to here. Watch out for the knuckleheads … and don’t believe anything you might hear about fountain dancing.


LOL Boss!!!

Welcome to Mousebuzz!! I love your candy table! Great idea!!!


Welcome to MB! The party looks wonderful! You should plan kids parties - you’d make enough to be in DL before you know it!


Welcome! Those were beautiful treats!


Welcome to Mousebuzz Angela. Glad you decide to join in the fun. Your party table is wonderful. I bet the kids were enchanted.


Welcome to MB:mickey: Your Birthday Candy table is gorgeous!

The greatest part about this community, is that they help make the planning stage of the trip almost as fun as the trip itself.

Make yourself at home. We’re glad to see you here :happy:


Angela060, Welcome to MouseBuzz. It is always great to have new talent onboard, especially with DL. Your photos of the cakes and cupcakes made me hungry…NICE JOB!

Anyway in the coming days Boss Mouse is going to hit you up to buy tickets to his fountain show. Don’t send him any money…this is a free show.

Again welcome to MouseBuzz!


Wecome to MB. Enjoy the ride…


Welcome to MB! Love the candy table!


Welcome! That is one awesome setup!


Oh Boss, don’t scare off the newbies!

Your party looks wonderful. Awesome job.


Thanks everyone! I can’t wait to start my planning and get to know you all better. BOSS: Thanks so much, I will make sure not to listen to people trying to sell me Fountain dancing tickets haha.


JoJo: Thanks a bunch! I found the mickey sprinkles from Party City. I also made the cake pops and every decoration you see. I made the Happy Birthday sign and all the Mickey and Minnie ears. I also made the poms that are hanging in the first picture, super easy and cheaper then buying the martha stewart ones.


:flowers: Your Mickey & Minnie party table looked AMAZING!! You are very talented! :flowers: