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I’ve been part of Mousebuzz for years, but I am not quite sure I know how this section works. Could someone explain? I’ve never rented pts from people. Thanks for all the tips and advice!!


If you find someone who has extra points you agree on a price per point (say $13) then the member makes the reservation and you pay the member. The actual amount depends on the resort, time of year, room type, and number of nights. A studio at Beach Club Villas (where I just so happen to be sitting right now) would cost 134 points (I think for a week durning the summer. If you paid $13 per point that reservation would cost you $1,742. That’s a big savings if you compare it to what you would pay Disney for the same room. The down side is Disney is not involved so you have to trust the member enough to give him/her your money to make the arrangements for you. Most renting goes just fine and it’s a win/win for both parties but I’m sure that have been some issues over the years.

If you want to stay at the member’s home resort he/she can book the room 11 months out. If you want to stay at a non-home resort the member can book the room 7 months out.

I hope I answered your question. We never seem to have extra points so we have never rented ours out but we have rented points in the past and it was a very good deal for us.


DT…in 30 words or less (don’t want you stress you out on vacation), details on your trip please. Just trying to pretend I’m next in line to check in at Cape May.


We’re having a great trip so far. Nate and I flew down wednesday morning so I could spend an extra day with a good friend who was also at WDW. Mike joined us late that night and we’ve been having a blast since. The weather forecast hasn’t looked good but we have lucked out and had far less rain than predicted. We stayed at MK until 2 am last night so we took it easy today. We spent the day at the pool and played mini golf. We walked over to HS tonight for Fantasmic and now I’m ready to catch a few hours of sleep before we start all over again tomorrow. So far it’s been a really nice trip, a mix of relaxing and hitting the parks hard.


You can post here if you are looking to rent DVC points for a vacation. It’s generally WAY cheaper than WDW reservations…usually deluxe resorts for price of value.

There are still a few DVC members around. I have been renting point since 2004, and have rented to many MB members. Have lots of points to rent if anyone is looking.