New Tropical Storm Possiblity


Probable impact would be next weekend. Almost ever model agrees on it tracking to Florida. Where it goes once it gets there is too far out. As we are well aware these things can change rapidly so keep your ears on. :ohmy:

Tropical Storm IRENE

Irene could be threat to U.S.


Come to me mama:cool:


Oh, here we go again.

We had a cold front come thru a couple days ago that kicked up some good wind and lightening. I lost a couple good size branches from my front yard tree.

MickeyBug I think any TS that goes thru the gulf is going to get pretty big pretty fast. The gulf is a lot warmer right now then the Atlantic. Careful what you wish for.


Please Mother Nature get this all out of your system before October. K? Thanks!


The Hawley’s and I will be down in disney when Irene is suppose to hit. So bring on the rain!


[QUOTE=tigger;1088047]Oh, here we go again.

My thoughts exactly.


How much space is generally between these storms, or is there no way of telling? It seems like there was only about two weeks between the last one and this one.


There’s no tryin’ to reason with hurricane season.

The storms happen when the conditions are just right.
I’ve seen years where there was nothing and I’ve seen years where there was literally a line of 4 named storms between the Caribbean and Africa.

And they don’t follow any one or two specific routes.


With it going across the island, Florida should not get much but rain. However, if it gets into the Gulf I pray it doesnt get past Cat 1.


But my thoughts had less girly shrieking in them :laugh:


Yeppers we will be down there, and what else can you do but go with the flow?? It may rain, but that means to me shorter lines, and less people…LOL… As much as I would love to be abel to control the weather, all I can do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst!


i pray it hits texas. we NEED a couple good soakers.


At this point, I’m just hoping for a right turn into the Atlantic staying off shore.


I agree with you Soundgod. I never want it to hit where I am but I don’t want it to hit anyone else.


Cone is turning east…


Argh…We need the rain and a TS(not Hurricane) would really help.

The effects from a high grade hurricane can be bad but if proper precautions are taken and people do what their supposed to damage will be minimal.
I’ve lived on an island in the Pacific where we experienced TStorms and Typhoons yearly. There was no where to go so we did what we were told and all worked out. Well, unless you count that time we went out and walked around in the middle of the eye, but that’s another story :whistling:blush:


East, like it’s going away from the US?


Yes it is moving east at this point. Still over FL but the center line has moving east. I expect at 5 it will move a little further east, tomorrow it will be nudged over a little more east. but I expect the cone will still touch FL the whole week.

The last report I heard had it projected to strengthen to a CAT 3 as it nears the FL.


Yes, but…

Irene is now forecast to become a major hurricane (Cat 3 or above) in the next 48 hours, despite interacting with the mountains on Hispaniola.

This is going to constantly change over the next couple days.
I’m not relaxing, but I’m not hugely concerned…yet.


Irony alert!!

This storm has the potential to make a South Florida landfall, or at least affect South Florida at very nearly the exact 6 year anniversary of Katrina’s landfall in 2005, down to the day of week (Thursday) and landfall time (7 PMish).