New TTA Audio Track


Tomorrowland Transit Authority videos

They put character cameos in my TTA. And apparently the narrator of Living with the Land now has a second job. :huh:

ok, ok… I’m being too harsh before I ride it myself. I’ll try to keep an open mind. I’ll be interested to hear some first-hand reviews from fellow Buzzers.


Ha… 89 days and counting… i’ll let you know XD.


I heard that Mr. Tom Morrow has found his party and no longer needs to give them a ring, and that all of the aliens now keep their forward facing tentacles inside the vehicle at all times… boo. I will let you know how it sounds in a few weeks…


I don’t even know how I feel about this…I have to listen to it.

One of my favorite things in the world is when Dave and I are in random places (like the grocery store) and we say “Now appprrrrrroaching the deli counter…” or you know…something like that.


I know… I tell the kids all the time that Mr. Tom Morrow’s party from Saturn has arrived, please give them a ring… and they love it. Hope that they don’t forget it…


We rode it tonight and I was REALLY sad to not here the page for mr tom morrow :frowning: I thought the audio was boring and tuned out almost all of it. But boy tommorrowland sure looks pretty at night!


I have not riden this yet so I will reserve my true feelings for after that. However, it is hard to imagine how this is an “upgrade” of the sound system portion of the ride. :huh:


Ugggg. I usually don’t mind it when they refresh rides (my least favorite is what they did to the Tiki room, there is a warm place in heck for whoever signed off on that). This seems like you are riding an advertisement and worst of all 99% of everyone that rides it will probably already know about most of the stuff anyway. They have zapped the fun right out of Tomorrowland.

And this brings me to my rant:

It seems that the further we get from the era of Walt Disney the more commercial the parks become. Walt’s idea for the parks was to create an idealized fantasy world (of course these worlds were based on the current Disney themes on the World of Disney TV). They were built to give you immersion into those worlds. I guess they thought like TV they need to ad commercials…I don’t know but the update to the TTA audio has taken away from the immersive experience of TL. A big part of the campyness will be gone. No longer will you hear off in the distance “Paging Mr Marrow…” or “Ice cream Ice cream…” or “Extra Extra Read all about it…” off in the distance as you walk around TL. And when you ride TTA it is no longer a ride but a commercial tour of TL.

This is almost as bad as the updated Tikiroom…at least I they didn’t put Gilbert Gottfried screaming out the dialog.

End of rant


No more paging Mr. Morrow… Mr. Tom Morrow???

:crying: :crying: :crying:

Dang, I loved TTA… everything about it. I loved how it was really just a breezy ride around Tomorrowland without much narration. You could just relax.

I hate his voice. It is not futuristic. He sounds like a cheesy guy narrating a children’s program. Hear the baby crying in the background at 3 minutes? He’s crying because this guy is talking too much.

I don’t think it would be quite as bad if they didn’t use this new voice.


And what is this new… “please keep arms and legs away from the doors?”

I miss the old narration!!!


Maybe everyone knew this change was coming when I was there on Oct. 2, because the line, the line!!! I have NEVER seen anything like it - for the TTA??? :angry::nuke::ohmy:

Actually, the line for the rockets )(what the heck are they called?) was like over 30 minutes, but my friend and DH just MUST ride them for nostalgia’s sake!

Anyway, long story short, I didnt get to ride the TTA on my trip. I was bummed, but now I double bummed!:pinch:


This is almost as bad as the updated Tikiroom…at least I they didn’t put Gilbert Gottfried screaming out the dialog.[/QUOTE]

I’m a big Gilbert Gottfried fan.:pirate:


Tigger- you are completely correct in your rant. I don’t want them to take the uniqueness out of any Disney ride, but it seems like they are doing it piece by piece, little by little. When they look up in 20 years and wonder what happened to all of their guests (aka Universal/Busch Gardens) then the light bulb might go off… They need to keep the uniqueness of each and every ride. it is not enough to hang a mouse outside, and show us a castle emblem to make us love it for the next 30 years…

Over time, you make your self another generic theme park, and that is not what keeps us coming back. I hope that enough people complain that Mr. Tom morrow still has to search for his party.


I actually spent a day with Mr Gottfried. I was his celebrity wrangler, he was really nice didn’t make me get him lunch or drinks. He is actually a pretty quiet guy but a really dirty dirty mouth. Seemed a little bit lonely too.


Someone tell Disney we are already at the parks you can stop advertising to us. Give us the experience you sold us and we paid for not more commercials.



I am so disappointed.


The wifi where I am staying STINKS!! :glare: So I can see the streaming video, but I can’t BELIEVE they took away Mr. Tom Morrow, that just won’t do!! Are they new cars? did they always have the gray panel on the side?

I have to say I do like the way they do the lights at night, that’s pretty cool.


We rode the TTA last week several times, as usual for our trips. I am sad and disappointed on the new audio. It just plain stinks. It ruins the nostalgia. I’m going to have to pull my old videos to get the fix I need!


Hey, don’t you owe us a trip report??


This is sad.


:eek: :eek: Nooooooo!!! Why would they do this? There is way too much audio and it does sound like an ad for TL. When I need a Disney fix, I watch TTA vidoes on youtube…they can be so relaxing and always make me smile.