New Universal 2 Park Unlimited Admission Ticket


For $85, up to 7 consecutive days admission to both Universal parks and All-Club access to City Walk. Now! Check it out: Universal Studios Orlando Resort & Theme Park - Florida Vacation


Pretty good deal! I caught the kids get in free with the purchase of adult ticket and 3 extra days for free back in May. Whoever came up with that idea was really smart because I felt like I was wasting a ticket or money by not using them. So of course I spent more time at Universal than originally planned.


WOW! That’s cheap. They are really trying to get that business. Good for them.:mickey:


That’s an excellent deal.

You have to hand it to Universal and SeaWorld - they always seem to have a good deal.


Ddoll, I was JUST going to post this! I got this info from my - travel with kids - newsletter. It’s GREAT deal!!! :tongue:


If you buy that pass now, will it be good for next summer? DO they have the same policy as WDW with activation? I wouldn’t mind grabbing that for me and DD. We are suppose to do universal or sea world next summer during out WDW trip. I will have to ask her which one she wants to go to most and go from there. Thanks again for the information.


Okay, I’m almost tempted…


85 bucks for 7 days??? that is **** cheap


There was no expiration date on that offer Dana. This is what it says on the website:

How long will my tickets be available for pick up at the Electronic Ticketing Machines?

Once you purchase your tickets online they will be available for pickup from any electronic ticketing machine immediately after you complete your purchase, and will remain available until they are picked up. This means that whether you decide to pick up your tickets the next day, the next month, or the next year after you complete your purchase, your order will be securely stored in the system until you arrive to collect the tickets you purchased.


Wow! That’s really great! I would definately go at that price!


Wish I had plans to go soon!!!


This is a seriously great deal - similar to the one we got a few years back - both parks, hoppers, for $75ish. We made good use of them for 2 days.

Too bad I have no plans of going anytime soon.


If you have any plans to return, you should grab them. There’s no expiration on when they can be used, but the price probably won’t last too long.