New Universal Discussion needed


I am excited about out Universal trip coming up. I need more activity here with Universal discussions to feed my obsession. Anyone care to help? :tongue:


Ummm Hello? This is a DISNEY site. … Geez, some people.

Ok, I’ll try … Ummmm - Do they have good Dole Whips?


New Universal discussion. Well, I can try…

In 1986, the New Universe was created by Jim Shooter, and…

Oh. Not a “New Universal” discussion, but a new Universal discussion. :laugh:

I am interested in it but haven’t yet been there.



Well, I am going to US too in June … has anyone tried their dining plan? It sounds more like a counter service plan… but I think it was only like $19 per person, so I may try it out.


Our Solar system is made up of nine planets…


BOOO! HISSSS!!! Don’t you know that the other place is a dirty word?


You guys are terrible. I like WDW. I hate to break it to you all, but there are other vacation destinations out there puts hands in fornt of face to shiled from flying objects

Floridasunshine - we though about the meal plan, but decided against it. It is mostly counter service. We are staying club level and plan to only snack in the parks and then have nice dinners at City Walk each night. Getting the dining plan would force us to each where we don’t really want to, so we decided against it. If your plans go along the lines of what the plan has to offer, it is a good deal.


Oh Noooo. :eek: E&B’s Mom has given in to the powers of the DARK SIDE!!!

Those other places just aren’t as good. Last year we got a 5 day pass through RCI condo were we stayed but used it for 2 days.

Liked Seaworld much better…some good coasters there. And the penguins rock.


Just goes to show you - to each his own. Personally, we didn’t really like Sea World. I though it was set up rather oddly and didn’t hold the crowds well. Doing US/IOA and staying on-site to get the express line access just can not be beat.


Ok, Ma’am we’re gonna have to back out of here. Stay behind me as we slip out a side door. Stay low. And serpentine. Tuck and roll. GO GO GO GO!


Thanks Boss Mouse for covering me!


Sorry E&B’s mom I know you are serious. I agree ALOT of families also love visiting Universal while in the Orlando area. Hmm Universal discussion… which park do you prefer; Universal or IoA? I haven’t been to either in about 5 years but I will say I did LOVE the Dr. Seuss ride and the Spiderman ride was AWESOME.

What ever happened to Nick Studios in Universal? Is it still there? I remember when I was in middle school it was SO cool to play those double dare games, etc.


Here I come to rescue you, E&B’sMom!!!

I’m a die hard Universal fan. You can discuss with me! :laugh:


Unfortunately when I check in to my Disney Resort that is it. I know of no other existence outside of where those crowded buses take me.


And you can talk to me too! I just bought my Universal annual pass on Sunday. In fact, I have been to Universal 3 nights in a row. Sunday and Monday we went to TNA Wrestling events and Tuesday night we had some margaritas at Margaritaville (mmmm, fabulous!). But I still haven’t played in the parks with my pass. I just went one day about 3 weeks ago on a comp ticket.

I loved the dining plan there! I think it’s a great deal. We bought one (yes, we broke the rules and we shared the meals) for the two parks when we went for the whole day and it easily paid for itself. We snacked all day at all the restaurants and it was definitely worth it to us (Drew is a big eater :happy:).

The downfall to Universal is it closes so early right now. I am excited for when it will stay open a little later!


Do they have a lot of the characters there from Nickeloden?


Oh my, yes. Aside from movie characters and super heroes, that’s who’s there.


I agree E and B’s mom. We can not go to Orlando without a trip to Universal. Our family loves it there. I also wish there was more Universal discussion here. I usually have to go to other sites to get information about Universal. It really can’t be beat staying onsite there and getting the FOTL privileges.


I wish I had something for you. How about you tell us what you are most looking forward to. Yeah, that’s it. Tell us your plans. Dinners, shows etc. I want to hear everything. That should help you with your excitement. It always works for me and DD. :heart:


I love US and IOA too. It’s a great resort and I love the HR resort and the pool. Can’t forget City Walk and my favorite Margaritaville. The best thing, front of the line pass for US guests. I love WDW more, but US is a close 2nd. Tell us your plans!